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Anime Of The Week Out On Friday’s

Officially moving Anime Of The Week to Friday’s to give myself more time to watch all the anime, and catch up if I’m behind lol. Anime Of The Week will be out later today.

Lost Dimension Demo Out On Japanese PSN

If you have a Japanese PSN account you can download the demo now.


ATLUS Announced A New IP Today!

ATLUS is workingon a new IP similar to how Catherine and Dragon’s Crown were.  There isn’t much information on it yet, but I’m sure we’ll get some soon.

Tears to Tiara II Coming To U.S. And Europe Courtesy Of NIS America And ATLUS

The game will cost $39.99, and will be released in North America October 14th while it will be released November 11th in Europe.

Here’s the opening movie.

Omega Quintet Has A New Trailer!

Compile Heart released a new 6 minute trailer showing off more of the game. Omega Quintet will be out in Japan on Spetember 18th, on the PS4.


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