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Tired, Posts Coming Tomorrow

I threw some posts together and was gonna put them up tonight, but I still have to edit them and kind of tired so yeah…………….. Will have some good ones up tomorrow for the 1st. Goodnight all. (Zzzzzzzzzzzz)

A Whole Bunch of Black Rock Shooter

My prayers have been answered! It was recently announced that NISA is bringing Black Rock Shooter The Game over to the U.S. I’m already buying the Japanese version though because they are getting The White Premium Box that comes with cool stuff, but I will also be buying the English version when it comes out too; you know, so I can actually understand the game fully lol. Either way, I’ve decided to celebrate with some BRS trailers and pictures. Enjoy! =^_^=


Manga Time!

This is the first manga post I’ve done since starting this site, so lets make this a good one. (more…)

What Games Are You Looking Forward To?

As we know, a lot of games have been announced for the upcoming future maybe later this year or the next. I’m looking forward to quite a few games myself but also wanted to know what games you are looking froward to as well? Be they console or PC, start naming away. Just make sure we know which platform they are for lol.


Soon we will all be able to experience the feel of immortality in Neverdead

There hasn’t been a release date yet, but I think a game of this caliber will most likely get localized.


Prepare To Die

On October 4th, I invite you all to die with me.

Imaginary Range

After many years of use my Zune finally died, and with Microsoft announcing that the Zune is discontinued I decide to go with an iPod Touch. On the iOS market there is a game called Imaginary Range by Square Enix which I highly recommend if you have an Apple (Insert Name Here) product. Imaginary Range is a interactive manga game in full color like no other. From its unique story, likeable characters, mini games, and vivid artwork there should be something for everyone to like about it.