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Soul Worker!

I have been waiting for this for a while and will be playing this when It comes out. =^_^=

Winter 2012 Anime List!

Yes, it’s that time again! 2011 was a good year for anime in my opinion and 2012 is looking good as well. Here is the Winter 2012 list for you. (PVs coming soon)


Merry Christmas Everyone!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday. Merry Christmas Everyone!

Weekly Discussion 12/19 – 12/25

That section for any and all types of discussion is here. So, is everyone having a happy holiday?

Anime Of The Week 12/16 – 12/18……..Guilty Crown

This weeks anime of the week is Guilty Crown episode 10. I will say nothing more and nothing less than SHIT GOT SERIOUS and ITS GOING DOWN. WARNING: Click at your own risk (more…)

Gust Working On New Game!

GUST is working on a new game as well, and the art style seems to be Ar Tonelico like. The girls name in the picture is something like, Ionasal Cucuroule Prischel, who is also identified as GM-0315. No details about which platform it will be for, but I will get more info as soon as I can.

Haseo In New .Hack Game!?

So apparently CyberConnect 2 is working on a new .Hack game which takes place in 2025 and Haseo seems to be the main character yet again. Details haven’t been released yet about what system this game will be for, but you can bet I’m excited about it either way. (Hopefully PS3 though)

Weekly Discussion 12/12 – 12/18

Hey everyone, this is pretty much just that section for discussing pretty much anything. I decided it would be better to smash the “Games I’m currently playing”, and the “Anime I should watch” sections into this as well. So if you feel like it, weather its about well anything lol, then leave your comments and thoughts in this section if you please. (This section will be up every Friday for the week.)

White Knight Chronicles 2 Review

The story of the ancient pact makers and giant knights continues in the second installment of the series. (more…)

Delicious Malicious

Malicious, a downloadable PS3 game is getting localized for an English release soon on the PSN. The main character has a magic cloak that can transform into different weapons for any situation she’s in. I’ve been wanting to play this for a while now, and here’s a gameplay vid for you.

Anime Of The Week 12/9 – 12/11…….. Ben-To!

I usually watch anime on the weekends, and this past weekend Ben-to Episode 10 had the most impact. While I won’t spoil what actually happened, I can just say that NO ONE expected that to happen. To find out what really happened you’ll just have to watch it yourself lol. WARNING: Click for picture, but it contains SPOILERS! (more…)

Time to Liven Things Up!

Ok, I know the site has been lackinga little recently, and I want to put a stop to that. With that said, I want to share with you the things that are coming soon:

  • Winter 2012 Anime List
  • Winter 2012 Anime PVs (I’ll post as many as I can find)
  • Anime Episode Of The Week
  • Games I’m Currently Playing (This is where a lot of my time goes as well besides anime lol)
  • Weekly Discussion (Yes I would like to hear your thoughts and ideas on things if you wish to)
  • Anime I Should Watch (If I haven’t seen it already, your suggestions for anime)
  • More Video Game Reviews (Good/Bad ones lol)

I am only one person who works on both sites (EpiclyAmazingHentai) so thank you for baring with me, and I appreciate all those who visit my sites and hope that you will continue to have a good time when you do. =^_^=

Hyperdimension Neptunia MK-2!

This just made my day! I already went and pre-ordered mine! This is the limited edition of MK-2 that can only be ordered straight from NISA’s Online Store off their site. The entire Neptunia series will be played and showcased on my shelf for all eternity. Looks like it’s going to be a fun Spring next year. =^_^=

.Hack//The Movie Trailer

Trailer for the upcoming Dot Hack// movie. It’s slated to release on January 21st in Japan, and looks pretty good.

Tales of Graces F Yeah!

See what I did there lol. The release date for Tales of Graces F has finally been announced for March 13! Also, here is an English trailer for the game as well. Pre-order and first day release for me. =^_^=

Lord Of Apocalypse!

After seeing this vid, I sooooo can’t wait to get this for the Vita! 2012 is going to be a great year for games, but not for my wallet.

Final Fantasy VII Remake

A few fans in Spain remade the opening scene of FFVII using the Unreal Engine. I Thought it was pretty cool and wanted to share it with you all. Now only if Square Enix would do this for real. One can only dream……. lol

Slow News Week

Not much going on for news this week. 2011 is pretty much over so maybe that’s why there hasn’t been anything too interesting. I’ll try my best to find some stuff this week though so hang tight.

So…… Why Did I Buy This Failbox

With all the Black Friday deals going on I couldn’t resist picking up an Xbox 360 for the lowest price I’ll probably ever see for a brand new wireless one. Got home, hooked it up, turned it on, set it up and everything, and it works fine. The problem is that it just sits there. I don’t know what to do with this thing so I was wondering if anyone else had some suggestions of what to do with it? Feel free to leave suggestions or even yell at me for buying one lol.