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Ciel no Surge is Gust’s New Upcoming Game!

Ciel no Surge is the Gust’s new RPG for the Playstation Vita. The main character Ionasol (Ion for short used in the game) is a mysterious girl with amnesia and you need to help her recover her memories by connecting Ion to terminals and entering within her mind.

Ciel no Surge is said to be the first of the Surge Concerto series and they plan on expanding the franchise into a viarity of things beyond just video games. Maybe we will see an anime soon, who knows? The plot of Ciel may sound familiar to some because the director of the Surge Concerto series is none other than the director of the Ar Tonelico series as well.

While I believe what you do is mostly interact with Ion, there is also a deeper story going on within the game:

“The story of Surge Concerto begins with a solar system with a swelling sun. La Ciel’s residents have two plans to deal with this impending crisis. A group (loosely translated as) the Astronomers are developing a plan to teleport residents to another planet. Meanwhile, a Terrestrial group wants to save the solar system by harnessing the power of song magic. Public opinion is split between the two groups and the fate of the world falls on the president-elect… Ionasol.”

Ciel no Surge releases April this year in Japan. Since the Ar Tonelico series made it West, I hope a localization is planned and we will be able to see the game the end of this year or early next.

Also, like always with the Ar Tonelico director and team, the in game graphics and concept art for the game are amazing. Here are some pictures below:


Time And Eternity Trailer!

Remember that game I told you Namco Bandai and VOFAN were working on? Well here is a nice trailer for the game in action. Time and Eternity is the worlds first HD animation RPG and looks amazing to the eye.

The story revolves around our 18 year old hero who hasn’t even kissed the princess, Toki (Pink haired girl), and they are about to get married. Toki, 16, has a blue pet dragon with her feels a little uneasy about the wedding because it was prophesized that their wedding would be attacked by someone. That’s all I know for now, but I hope there’s more info on this soon like maybe a localization plan. One can only hope lol.

Infinite Souls PV 2!

I really hope Infinite Souls gets localized soon. My brain just exploded from all the random awesome!

Anime Of The Week 1/20 – 1/22…….. High School DxD Ep 3

Released a little late in the week but High School DxD takes charge this week with a nice heartfelt action scene, and the fact that we learn who and what kind of people the main character and his friends are really up against. (more…)

Hydrophobia Review

Hydrophobia is a downloadable PSN game about finding your way out of an underwater colony which was flooded due to an incident created by terrorists. You play as Kate Wilson, an engineer caught in all the mishap trying to escape. The concept of Hydrophobia seemed fresh at the beginning, but then they kind of watered it down with the whole terrorist thing.

The graphics look pretty good for a PSN game and the water effects are very nice. As you open doors to different areas the water flows in like its supposed to and fills up the next room as well. This was very impressive to me because it actually made sense. I mean it IS water and should be able to travel around and flood the entirety of the colony which in turn adds to the danger. The main character on the other hand was not so impressive. Making an interesting and eye appealing main character should be key for any game. Kate was not. She was kinda boring and her attire wasn’t all that eye appealing either. I’m not asking her to run around in a skimpy 2 piece just because there’s lots of water in the game, but the developers could’ve done a little better to make me like her.

Throughout the game you pretty much just run from room to room, area to area flipping switches and hacking electronic doors to find your way out while being attacked by the terrorist group every now and then. This sequence of events gets kind of tedious and boring very fast and I found myself just wondering when the game would end. Speaking of ending things, the final boss of the game (The ONLY boss fight in the game) was unimpressive and predictable. So unimpressive that I don’t even want to get into it or the horrible ending.

Basically Hydrophobia wasn’t that good of a game and you can find better ways to spend your money on the PSN then sending it to a watery grave. If I had to rate it, Hydrophobia gets a drowning 2 out of 5 lol.

Winter 2012 Anime Picks!

With the new season started brings my Winter 2012 anime picks. I’m also watching other anime too, but these are the ones I recommend to check out for the season. (more…)

Seven Sexy Minutes of Zombie Slaying!

Onechanbara Z: Kagura just released in Japan last week and I have a new story gameplay trailer for you. Everything in Onechanbara Z looks amazingly better than the first one all the way from combat to graphics. I really hope this gets localized soon so I can start my zombie slaying too.