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Spring 2012 Anime Picks!

The Spring 2012 anime picks are here, and there are a lot of good ones!

  • Sankarea – A supernatural, zombie, romantic comedy. Yes, you read that right lol. Sankarea is one I had been waiting for for a while and I was not let down. I read a bit of the manga and love it immediately, and the same goes for the anime.
    Wikipedia – Sankarea

  • Medaka Box – Medaka Box is a fun, actiony, school life, comedy that really stands out. The characters in Medaka Box are awesome, and the plots for each episode are filled with win lol.
    Wikipedia – Medaka Box

  • Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka? of The Dead – Back with it’s second season, Zombie Desu ka? of The Dead starts off even funnier than the first. Filled with action, comedy, mystery, and the supernatural of course, those who loved the first season will love this one even more while those who haven’t seen the series will love it as well.
    Wikipedia – Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka? of The Dead

  • Tasogare Otome X Amnesia – A mystery, fantasy, romance, supernatural anime about a girl who died within the school grounds, but doesn’t know how she died or when, and our main character is the only one who can see her for some reason. He and our ghost girl start a paranormal club to unravel all the mysteries at school and also hoping to find some clues to her past. I love this anime and can’t wait to see all the mysteries unfold.
    Wikipedia – Tasogare Otome X Amnesia

  • Accel World – Accel World is our science-fiction, action, romance anime, and it starts off really nice. Our main character is suddenly approached by the most popular girl in school an the anime takes off from there. Set in a future where technology is highly advanced, Accel World is a definite watch this season.
    Wikipedia – Accel World

  • Upotte!! – An action, comedy filled with guns. Or rather I should say filled with gun-girls. In Upotte!! the girls are actually guns themselves and attend a special military school to train them into being fine weapons in the future. The concept may seem a little silly at first lol, but it’s worth the watch and was well done.
    Wikipedia – Upotte!!

  • Nazo no Kanojo X – A romantic comedy, slice of life, school life, supernatural anime that is just salivatingly awesome XD. The main characters in this anime share a special bond formed by her drool. Yes, her drool. I don’t really want to say anymore because I want you to have the same reaction I did when watching the first episode of this anime. Trust me, its worth the watch.
    Wikipedia – Nazo no Kanojo X

  • Sengoku Collection – Nobunaga is back again, and more moe than ever before. This time instead of the main character being sent to an alternate time and dimension, Nobunaga and the rest are transported into our modern day world and have to adapt here until they can find their way back. I like this plot very much, and enjoyed the first few episodes.
    Wikipedia – Sengoku Collection

  • Eureka Seven Ao – I was a little skeptical at first of this new Eureka Seven series, but those doubts have been put to rest. After watching the first episode the setting and characters are really nice, and I can say that this looks like the start of a good series. A lot of stuff happens in the first episode and it starts off with a “bang”.
    Wikipedia – Eureka Seven Ao

  • Jormungand – Last but not least comes this action, adventure bloodbath about an arms dealer and the boy who travels with her out for revenge for the death of his parents. The only catch is that he honestly hates weapons, but decides to stick with her in hope of running into the one responsible for the death of his parents. There is a good dose of action in this anime that you won’t want to miss.
    Wikipedia – Jormungand

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