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Hatsune Miku Project Diva f Trailer!

Project Diva f is being released on August 30th in Japan and they have released a nice long trailer showing off some of the recently announced songs in the game. I am definitely importing this. Project Diva f is going to be a godly game. I can’t wait to get my white Vita so I can play it! =^_^=

Fate/Extra CCC Trailer

I really hope this one makes it over just as the first one did, and the Virgin White Box makes it over as well. If not then I WILL be importing my virgin…… White Box, yeah……. Virgin White Box =P

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Trailer

Final Fantasy XIV 2.0 is now Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, and Square Enix was kind enough to give us a new trailer to show off the awesome. I may have to give second thoughts to playing Final Fantasy XIV when this comes out.

Recomendation Time!

So I finished all of Ninja Girls last night, and I loved all of it to the very end. If you like reading manga then give it a look because it was a good, fun story.

Ninja Girls

Also I’ve started watching anime that I’ve already had downloaded on my computer for a while, and finished watching Tayutama Kiss On My Deity last night which was good as well. Tayutama came out in 2009, so yes its been on my computer for 3 years just waiting to be finished lol. I just had to watch the last 4 Eps though so it wasn’t that much lol.

Tayutama Kiss On My Deity

Tayutama left me with a taste for a good romance story so even though I should be watching the first season of Horizon, I started watching Otome Youkai Zakuro or Spirit Girl Zakuro. Whichever one you like using is fine. Either way it is a good anime and I am already on episode 5 lol.

Otome Youkai Zakuro

Anime Of The Week 7/20 – 7/22…….. Sword Art Online Ep 3

Sword Art Online gets this week because it was sad, but heartwarming at the same time. When watching this episode it made me say “So Sword Art, this is how it’s gonna be huh? Sigh”. I won’t say much more on the issue, but here are some nice pictures for you:

Sachi is a cutie =^_^=

Summer 2012 Anime Picks!

Here are my Summer 2012 anime picks! (more…)

A Look At Time and Eternity’s a.k.a. Toki Towa’s Battle System

Time and Eternity (Toki Towa) is the world’s first fully HD anime game developed by Imageepoch. They recently released a brand new trailer highlighting some new things such as the battle system.

The game in its entirety looks really beautiful and they deserved to be praised for making something this creative. There is talk about localization, so that means that the world may get to see this game sometime soon. Lets cross our fingers =)