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Anime Of The Week 8/24 – 8/26…….. Sword Art Online Ep 8, Campione! Ep 8 & Muv-Luv Alternaitve: Total Eclipse Ep 9

This weeks episodes were really good, and Sword Art, Campione!, and Muv-Luv made it all the better. There are quite a few pictures this week as well =)

Sword Art Online gets anime of the week because of dinner with Asuna, it looks like we found another villainous type character who will probably be a problem in the upcoming future (Seriously, he’s a dick lol), and Kirito and Asuna kinda get themselves into a situation at the end that doesn’t look like it will be an easy task to overcome.

In Campione! Athena shows up again and Godou finds himself in another fight. Not with her though. A new person has entered the fray and at the moment it’s not looking to good for Godou.

Muv-Luv gets anime of the week because of the epic rail-gun used this episode. Yes, that’s right. They get back to the fighting against the BETA and despite being Yuuya’s first real fight he does miraculously and saves the day because of dat rail-gun. Awesome rail-gun is awesome lol.

New E.X. Troopers Trailer (3DS Version)

I really pray for a localization for this game. The game and music just look and sound like so much freakin fun lol

5 Awesome Minutes Of Senran Kagura

This was one of the best 5 minutes of my time spent ever! lol Enjoy! =P

Real 2D!

The world’s first technology that allows three-dimensional representation in 2D!
This is pretty freakin cool!

More info can be found here on their website. If needed, use the translate option your browser should have to translate the text if you wish to read it.

Real 2D

Remember Me Announcement Trailer

I’ve watched the gameplay/interview trailer which was like 13 mins long, and this game looks really good. It looks like a Mirrors Edge, 5th Element type game. Remember Me is due out for PS3 and Xbox 360 May 2013.

Procrastination! (Due To Gaming) =P

Yeah………. srry for the lack of posts lol. I’ve kinda been gaming all weekend so I haven’t really looked into anything much, but will definitely have stuff posted tomorrow. Welp, back to gaming.

P.S. I’ve been playing Tales of Graces F and Persona 4: Arena =^_^=

Anime Of The Week 8/17 – 8/19…….. Sword Art Online Ep 7

This weeks anime of the week goes to Sword Art Online ep 7. This weeks episode was very beautifully done. We meet a new character and this episode continued to show me just how much I love Kirito because he is an awesome main character. From the emotions of the characters to the world of Sword Art itself, it was very enjoyable. Here are some pictures to show you what I cannot explain in words. Damn I love Sword Art Online lol =^_^=

I Invite You All! (My PSN)

After writing my Persona 4: Arena Overview I realized that I really like the game and also have never given you all my PSN ID. I might not get to it right away, but if you send me a message on PSN I will get to it soon (My friends list might be full as well lol) For those who also have Persona 4: Arena, or just would like to add or to chat when I’m on, I invite you all to challenge and have fun with me.

My PSN is: AzureNova01al

My favorite character is Shadow Labrys =^_^=

Win or lose, come at me bros!

Persona 4: The Ultimate In Mayonaka Arena Overview

Yes! I finally got myself together and wrote a review/overview. Its been a while, I know lol. =P

*Note that I have only played the game online so far and am just going over the combat*

Ah Persona. The Persona games have been one of my favorite series for as long as I can remember and Persona 4: Arena is no exclusion.
Now most people might think that P4A (Persona 4: Arena) is “just another fighting game”, but I can proudly tell you that is not the case. With both ATLUS and the BlazBlue team having worked on the game it is very fast paced and combat is very fluent. Connection status while playing online was extremely well done as the game syncs up both players connection before you start fighting so there is no lag, well at least not for me there hasn’t been.
Controls and combos are very easy to get down and execute for the most part, and each characters’ fighting styles are unique. Timing your moves in P4A is very crucial as well as it can mean victory or defeat depending on the situation you’re in or who you’re against. Persona 4: Arena has a unique feature during combat that I love where you pretty much have to fight your opponent or your character receives negative stats that hinder you in battle. Not that there is any room for cheesiness anyway, because none of the characters were really built for that for the most part. You can customize rooms for you and your friends to play in or just look for quick matches and dive right into the action.
The music in the game is awesome. It always amazes me how they come up with some of the music for the Persona games as it is fun to listen to and different. The music you hear during battle depends on the level you are fighting on.
Now cost wise some may say that $60 is still a bit much to pay just for a fighting game, BUT let me tell you this. I have owned and played many fighting games (Dead or Alive, Tekken, BlazBlue series, Marvel vs Capcom series, Darkstalkers, Guilty Gear series, Street Fighter series, etc…) most of which I played got bored of and traded back in. Persona however does things very right and I feel was worth it because of the amount of fun I am having with it. Even if you don’t necessarily like the Persona series, Persona 4: Arena is a good fighting game nonetheless and is worth a try =)

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai (Haganai) a.k.a. (I Don’t Have Many Friends) Season 2 Announced!

If you didn’t know, this is one of my favorite anime and my favorite anime of the Fall 2011 anime season and I’m excited to announce that they have announced that the second season is scheduled to air in January! I know it may be a little early to start mentioning things from the upcoming Winter 2013 season, but I just couldn’t wait. Here’s the first trailer for the second season. Enjoy! =^_^=

Wikipedia – Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai (Haganai)

Ni no Kuni: Wrath Of The White Witch English Dub Trailer!

So excited for this game! =^_^=

Senran Kagura Anime!

If you don’t know what the game is like then check out the clips in the post before this one because the Senran Kagura girls are getting an anime sometime next year in 2013. They already released a trailer for it as well. Check out all the bodacious kunochi awesome! I can’t wait. =^_^=

Wikipedia – Senran Kagura

Senran Kagura Burst Combat Clips

Senran Kagura boobs…….er I mean Burst =P

There Are Lots Of Costumes In Neptunia V

Check out all the cool costumes in the upcoming Hyperdimension Neptunia V.

Anime Of The Week 8/10 – 8/12…….. Dog Days’ Ep 6, Campione! Ep 6 & Muv Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse Ep 7

In Dog Days’ something really interesting happens that leads to the awakening of The Hero King and the Demon King, and things just got hilariously awesome from there. Events escalated pretty quickly after they were both awakened and this is one of the funny results.

In Campione! a new God has appeared and has kidnapped Yuri and that means its Godou to the rescue =)

Muv Luv wins anime of the week because of the awesome situation of being stuck in a cave with 2 hot women in swimsuits the entire time lol. I mean seriously, in this episode there were swimsuits everywhere lol.

Dat ass is hot haha. Get it cause the fire is right there next to her……oh never mind =P

Anime Of The Week 8/3 – 8/5…….. Sword Art Online Ep 5, Kokoro Connect Ep 4 & Joshiraku Ep 4

Since this Anime Of The Week is out late I’ll make this a quick one. =)

In Sword Art Online this week it seems that someone has found a way to PK (Player Kill) inside of towns and is taking advantage of it. Also, we get to see Asuna again. They are working together to solve this mystery.

Asuna is just too cute. I mean just look at that face lol

Kokoro Connect gets a spot because it is really good for its serious moments as also for its non serious moments especially this episode.

This weeks episode of Joshiraku was just plain hilarious especially towards the end with the giant black bunny. Ill just leave it up to your imagination to whats going on here lol

Bad Ass Pokemon Black & White 2 Anime Trailer! (In English)

Here is the English anime trailer for Pokemon Black & White 2. I’m excited are you? This has to be the most bad ass Pokemon has ever been. Truly Pokemon epnicity at its greatest lol

Kokoro Connect Added To Summer 2012 Anime Picks!

I started catching up on some other anime today that I had been watching and was behind on or only watched the first or second episode of, and I must say that Kokoro Connect is very, very good. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea but it sure is mine, and that’s why its getting a spot in my Summer 2012 Anime Picks =^_^=

You can look at the list here: Summer 2012 Anime Picks

BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma Trailer!

The BlazBlue team has made yet another great looking BlazBlue game coming out this fall. This one has 3 brand new characters as well. Besides this being a new game, I am also really excited about what they did to Noel, my favorite and best character. She looks even more awesome now! =^_^=

This is coming out in Arcades this winter. No console announcements yet, but you can be sure it will come to consoles soon being a BlazBlue game and all.

I Watch Rinne no Lagrange For The Plot =P

Mmmmmmmmm =^_^=

New TokiTowa / Time and Eternity Trailer and Limited Edition

The worlds first HD Anime game gets a new trailer showing off some more combat, and the game still looks very beautiful. I do hope they go into the combat some more in future videos. Localization please!!!! >_<

The games Limited Edition looks exquisite. I may have to import this one as well. =^_^=

E.X. Troopers Opening Trailer

Now this was a fun trailer! I’m hoping this gets localized soon too. Also, dat robot bro fist XD

Hyperdimension Neptunia V Gag Trailer

Another random awesome Neptune trailer lol

Anime Of The Week 7/27 – 7/29…….. Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate Ep 4

Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate gets this spot this week because, I’ll just come right out and say it, the ending of this episode was pretty fucked up. No one should be treated a certain way just because of whatever. That’s all I’ll say and this is the only picture I’ll provide because ones own natural reaction is needed for this episode.

*Yes, she’s crying =(