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Happy Halloween 2012 =^_^=

A Few Announcements

Hello everyone. I hope everyone is well and stays safe during the recent harsh weather that we’re having. Unfortunately I’m in the storms path, but fine for now thank goodness. Just wanted to say that and Anime Of The Week will start up again this week along with other posts too. Until next time, see ya =^_^=

Fall 2012 Anime Picks!

Thanks for waiting everyone. Since this seasons anime picks list is kinda late, and there are quite a few of them, I’ll try to make sure each pick gets right to the point for the most part lol. Here are my picks for the Fall 2012 Anime season: (more…)


Yes the Fall 2012 Anime Picks list will definitely be out by the end of the week (SATURDAY) because I want to share all the awesome with those who are unsure about what to watch =^_^=

Code Of Princess Overview

When I first laid eyes on Code Of Princess I knew that it looked fun and wanted to get it. So I did, and it hasn’t let me down. This game is really fun. =)

Code Of Princess is a beat em up game. For the main story you can choose 1 of 4 main characters which each have their own moves and skills. The controls are simplistic and player friendly. As you go through each level you gain EXP points which you can use to modify the stats of your characters at the end when you level up. Levels are re-playable in Free Mode so you don’t have to worry about never getting enough EXP.

Each Code Of Princess is a collectors edition that comes with a soundtrack and an art book for the game. I haven’t beaten it yet, but I’ve been playing it quite a lot and having a good time. Code of Princess has it all as far as my tastes go: a nice genre of characters, beautiful environments, a good but random story, and funny dialogue. I say give it a try when you can. Your 3DS and Princess Solange will love you for playing it =^_^=

Fall 2012 Anime Picks Delayed For A Little Longer

I’m delaying my Fall Anime Picks list for a little longer (Perhaps after this weekends anime is all out and watched) because some anime are still popping up for this season. For example, I just watched the first episode of a new one that just came out today. I won’t hold off the list for too much longer though so don’t worry. Thank you =)

Manga I’m Currently Reading

Its been quite a while since I’ve done a manga post, but here it is. I’ve recently picked up these few manga, and am enjoying them. Some of them only have a few chapters out:

Recent Manga

  • Renai Boukun
  • Horimiya
  • Real PG
  • The Lunatic Taker
  • Aphorism

Ongoing Manga I’ve Been Reading

  • Toraneko Folklore
  • Hakoiri Devil Princess
  • Baka and Boing
  • Onikirisama No Hakoirimusume
  • Yandere Kanojo
  • Himekei Doll
  • Witch Hunter

Dead Or Alive 5 Review

Can you say best fighting game of the year? Because I can. Team Ninja has truly outdone themselves this time with their latest installment in the series, and I’m proud to say that I’m a Fighter lol.

Playing through Dead Or Alive 5 was an extremely pleasant experience. The story continues from where DOA4 left off with Kasumi pursuing Alpha152 to put and end to her. This time around however Team Ninja changed how story mode works with you playing as different characters throughout  the journey of the main story. I really liked this change as it made me feel as if I were in a giant action movie seeing things from every angle.

As most of you may know, Dead Or Alive 4 was an Xbox 360 exclusive title, but the controls are exactly the same and had the same feel to them even though this time around I was playing with the PS3 controller. All of the sustaining characters still have all of their moves and the new characters moves are easy to pick up and get used to. After playing the DOA series on both consoles I can say that it feels right at home on the PS3.

With a nice collectors edition, a good story, and fluid gameplay on and offline; Dead Or Alive 5 is one game you will not want to miss out on this year.

Resident Evil 6 Review

I will start off by saying that Resident Evil 6 was the most fun and exciting time I’ve had with a Resident Evil game, and I have played pretty much all of them throughout the years. Resident Evil 6 is by far my favorite Resident Evil game.

There are four campaigns in RE6: Leon & Helena, Jake & Sherry, Chris & Piers, and last but not least Ada Wong’s campaign unlocks once you beat the three main campaigns. Depending on which campaign you pick depends on what kind of infected you run into at the beginning, but eventually you encounter all kinds as the story progresses. The first campaign I beat was Chris & Piers’s story although I started Jake & Sherry’s first lol. Picking this story had me mostly fighting against the infected that were semi smart which made use of guns and other weapons to hinder our progress. Jake & Sherry had me fighting against all kinds of weird and deformed creatures, and Leon & Helena was mostly fighting against your classic zombie that doesn’t mutate when you shoot them, but there are lots of them. The only reason why I did not play Ada’s story yet is because Capcom has already announced that there will be FREE DLC coming out for the game soon which will make Ada’s campaign multiplayer as it is currently only a solo story.

The controls are really simple to pick up so don’t worry about that. I felt right at home since I had played the previous Resident Evil 5. As you progress in the story of each campaign you come acquire new weapons that you get to keep for the rest of the game. Ammo is also plentiful especially if you have the proper skill equipped for enemies to drop items and things when they die. Yes, during the story you pick up skill points which you can then use at the end of each chapter OR at the main campaign menu to buy certain perks which aid you in your journey. This feature comes in handy especially when you are up against a multitude of enemies and have to mow them down lol.

As you might know you can play solo or play online with another person. I PLAYED EACH CAMPAIGN ENTIRELY WITH ANOTHER ACTUAL PERSON. Why the caps you ask? Because I wanted to make this point clear the that A.I. in the game, although better in this one, is still kinda stupid lol. The overall feeling of the game is better when you know that there is another human being helping you out hopefully capable of thinking correctly and making good decisions. I tried playing with the computer A.I. once and it just left me with this reaction again:

In conclusion the game is very good despite what certain reviews might say. The facts are also out there as well. RE6 is Capcom’s highest selling game at launch ever. It saw 380,000 pre-orders in Japan alone prior to release, In its first week sold 634,933 copies on the PS3 and 41,652 on the Xbox 360, and sold 4.5 million copies worldwide which set the record for the highest shipment for a Capcom game ever. Also you have my approval to go out and get it because its awesome lol.

I hope this helps you decide weather you want to give the game a chance or not if you haven’t gotten it already. Until next review, AzureNova out lol.

Resident Evil 6 De-Zombified!

Yup it has been beaten. Well I actually beat it yesterday but it was my Birthday, so yeah……lol Review will be out later this evening though =P

Happy Birthday!

The one day of the year that officially belongs to me! =^_^=


Just like Facebook does and reminds everyone (So annoying lol) I’m going to tell everyone that tomorrow is my birthday so feel free to leave a comment, shout out, or a present lol =P

Upcoming Posts!

I’ve been doing quite a lot lately and the results have been awesome. These are some upcoming posts to look for coming within the week:

1. Resident Evil 6 Review

2. Fall 2012 Anime Picks (Highly Anticipated lol)

3. Code Of Princess Overview (Just bought it recently)

4. New manga I’m reading

5. Dead or Alive 5 Review

So there you have it. Just thought I should give a heads up for those major posts. Until then, see ya! =^_^=

Almost Done With Resident Evil 6

Just as the post title states. Ive beaten 2 out of the 3 campaigns already and will be done with the last one soon. Review to come after that.

And So It Begins!

The Fall anime season has started and this past weekend I have watched most of the first episodes of all the ones that came out already. This upcoming weekend most of the anime should be on their second episode so my Fall 2012 Anime Picks will come soon after that. Thanks for being patient =)

Anime Of The Week 9/28 – 9/30…….. Sword Art Online Ep 13 & Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse Ep 14

This weeks episode of Sword Art starts off with our favorite couple still enjoying their time off from the front line, and fishing lol. This all changes when they are suddenly called to investigate something though. Things get pretty serious towards the end, and that’s all I’ll say on that for now because I don’t want to spoil anything more.

Since this Anime Of The Week is kinda late I’ll treat you all to lots of pictures.

Muv-Luv also gets anime of the week this week because it was a damn good episode and Yuuya is the freakin man. Yuuya Is Legend lol =P

First English Trailer Of Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward

Yeah….. I’m extremely happy about this getting localized. Trust me when I say that you will enjoy playing this one. There are tons of different outcomes and I hear that there are 24 different endings. Now If I could only decide which system to get it for. The 3DS or the Vita? lol

Cool New NAX Music Player For Vita

I’ve read that you can do some cool things with the new music player like create your own virtual dancer and synchronize the MP3 to the player so it reads the BPMs. The NAX music player is free and will be coming to the Playstation Store sometime this Fall.

Full Uncut Shin Megami Tensei IV Trailer

If you thought the TGS trailer was good, then you’ll love this one even more.

What I’ve Been Doing So Far This Weekend

What I have been doing so far this weekend is playing Resident Evil 6 and loving it. Also I have downloaded the first episodes of all the new anime that have come out so far and plan to watch those later tonight. So rest assure that there will be new posts to come =)

3 Day Weekend!

Srry for the lack of posts this week, but I will make it up to you on this nice 3 day weekend. Yay! Also the reason for the lack of posts are because of Dead or Alive 5 & Resident Evil 6 which I’m loving by the way. Full reviews to come when done playing through them.

Anime Of The Week will be out this weekend too =^_^=

Dead Or Alive 5 & Resident Evil 6

So yeah, I went and picked up those two games recently and will be playing them through soon. Well I already started playing DOA5 and let me tell you that it is great. Resident Evil 6 I have only played the demo for, but I did enjoy the demo very much. I’ve been looking forward to the two for a little while now and will do reviews when I finish playing them =)

Note* I am well aware of the Resident Evil 6 reviews already out there, but I ask that you all take my review into consideration as well from a household gamer just as you all. I promise I wont take too long with it, it IS an action, survival horror game after all lol