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Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers: Story Trailer

God I can’t wait for this to come out. Looks like it’s going to be so much fun. Also, Laura Bailey’s voice is heavenly as usual =^_^=

Skullgirls Characters Cost $250k To Make

We all know that creating characters is an expensive process, but I never really knew HOW expensive it really was lol. Skullgirs is a really fun fighting game, and was so worth the buy. If you watched the video you know their situation, and can head over here to show your support:

Check Out CyberConnect2’s Shadow Escaper

Its free for smartphones. Its available on the iOS right now, and will be made available for Androids soon. I’ve already downloaded it and will try it out soon.

Soul Sacrifice Trailer Shows Off New Features

This trailer shows off the multiplayer and customization in game.

Here’s How The Controller Works In Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn’s Beta started yesterday, and here is a demonstration of how the controller functions in the game.

Time and Eternity Coming To North America This Summer!

Finally! NISA is taking care of the localization, and the game is due to come out Summer 2013.Time and Eternity will be available in both physical retail and digital form for $49.99. NISA also states that they will localize and release the downloadable episodes for the game as well. Thank God we don’t have to wait an eternity to play it lol. Thank you NISA =^_^=


7th Dragon 2020-II Idol’s Deadly Concert

This trailer highlights the Idol class in battle, and shows what they can do. Why wont this come outside of Japan, WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!?

Check Out Saber In Fate/Extra CCC Trailer

Ah Saber, so beautiful in her wedding attire. =^_^=

New Shin Megami Tensei IV Nintendo Direct Trailer

I’m very excited for this game. Everything looked so cool. The demons, battle music, characters, and the feel of what was going on in the trailer seemed deep. ATLUS does it again! =^_^=

Anime Of The Week 2/15 – 2/17…….. Psycho Pass Ep 17

This episode of Psycho Pass was a total mindfuck, literally lol. WARNING: Spoiler Ahead (more…)

PS4 Announced! ……….Sort Of.

Sony had their live event today, and the PS4 was officially announced. Here’s a look at the controller since you know, they didn’t actually reveal what the system looks like yet. ‘Sigh”


Finally A Dragon’s Crown Teaser Trailer

Happy Valentines Day! 2013 / New Music ~ The Element Of Beauty, The Element Of Love ~

~ Happy Valentines Day! ~

“A woman is most beautiful when she’s loved.”

This is one of my favorites that I’ve made.

The Element Of Beauty, The Element Of Love (Prod. By AzureNova)

Couple - axis_powers_hetalia-black_eyes-black_hair-blush-flowers-japan_-hetalia--long_hair-polychromatic-short_h garter-harukaze_setsuna-lingerie-panties-tinkle-underwear1.jpg

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Anime Of The Week 2/8 – 2/10…….. Robotics;Notes Ep 16

This week Robotics;Notes takes Anime Of The Week alone. WARNING: Spoilers Ahead (more…)

Ghost In The Shell Arise Trailer

Ghost In The Shell: Arise is a prequel that takes place when Motoko is younger. The series will be split up, and consist of four 50-minute movies.

New Music – Techno Jazz & Acid Dance

I was thinking of the music in the anime [K] when I made Techno Jazz because I liked the soundtrack, and you know I love Neko, so that explains the picture lol

Techno Jazz (Prod. By AzureNova)


Acid Dance is a product of me being bored and not being able to come up with anything lol

Acid Dance (Prod. By AzureNova)


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Metal Gear Solid White Armor Best Buy Exclusive!

O_O! Well damn. After seeing how the White Armor looks and what special ability it has, I think it’s safe to say that I may have jumped the gun with the Amazon pre-order. The White Armor gives you an increased number of recovery items which sounds good to me. It’s a Best Buy exclusive though so you will have to pre-order it from there if you want to get it. Correct, INSTEAD OF FROM AMAZON I AM GETTING METAL GEAR RISING FROM BEST BUY. Here’s a video to show you how the armor looks in action.

Anime Of The Week 2/1 – 2/3…….. Haganai Ep 4, Senran Kagura Ep 5, Robotics;Notes Ep 15, Mondaijitachi ga Ep 4, Zettai Karen Children UNLIMITED Ep 4 & Psycho Pass Ep 15

There were many that were enjoyable this past week. WARNING: Slight spoilers (more…)

PS4 Rumors!

So remember that announcement that Sony is supposed to be making on the 20th? Well, this isn’t confirmed yet, but the PS4 is rumored to sell at a price point at a bit over $400 in Japan and is supposed to come out in both the U.S. and Japan before the end of the year. The controller for the PS4 is also supposed to have a touch screen. I will post more info on the subject as it comes.

New Music – Silent Dialogue (Remix)

Loved the game and love the soundtrack too. Here’s a Musashi Samurai Legend remix for you.

Silent Dialogue (Remix) (Prod. By AzureNova)

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Cool Neverwinter CG Trailer

I’ve never played Neverwinter in my life, but I thought the trailer was great so I thought I would share.

TERA Free To Play As Of February 5th! (Tomorrow)


That’s right. The Exiled Realm Of Arborea, or TERA, is going free to play tomorrow on February 5th under a new name, TERA: Rising. I am very happy with this new model because the game is really good. The best thing about this change is just that. They changed nothing so no content was changed at all. New content however was added so we still get the same exact game, and more, but now for free. There is still a cash shop, but In no way is it pay to win. It’s mostly just cosmetics and mounts.

If you were curious about the game before, but just didn’t feel like paying, now you have no excuse lol. Out of the MMOs out there right now, TERA is one of the better ones. So go try it out.

All information can be found here on TERA’s official website: TERA

Background Change!

I think it looks pretty nice. Just thought it was time for a change =)

Gravity Rush Review!


If there’s one Vita game that stands out above the rest, it’s Gravity Rush. In terms of fun, innovation, story, graphics, and gameplay I believe it’s still the best Vita game at the moment.

Gravity Rush - Kat smile

During the game you play as Kat. She awakens and finds herself in a strange place and has no memory of who she is or where she came from. Through events that soon follow, Kat realizes she has the power to control gravity with the assistance of her pet cat which she names Dusty. Other characters start to appear as the story progresses and they are all likable with their own unique personalities and traits. I LOVE Kat by the way. She is one of my favorite main characters in terms of looks, personality, and attitude. Happy Kat, sad Kat, angry, Kat, scared/worried Kat, etc. are all lovable as you will see if you play the game.


The controls and game mechanics are cool as you use the control sticks, pad, front touch screen, rear touch pad, and even can tilt the Vita entirely to do some things. It may sound complicated, but it really isn’t. Once you start playing and get the hang of it, it feels normal.  Side missions are plentiful in game so you can take a break from the main story if you wish to complete those. Side missions also score you lots of extra gems that you need in order to level up Kat’s skills. In terms of length the game feels just right. Not too short, but not too long either. The ending to the game is very satisfying with most questions answered, and definitely leaves room for a part 2 sometime in the future.

Gravity Rush - Raven

Overall I give Gravity Rush 5 gold stars and tell you to go out and get it and play it if you haven’t already. You don’t know what you’re missing if you don’t and wont be displeased if you do. =^_^=