So Awesome It Makes You Wanna Cry

Drakengard 3 Coming Out Later This Year!

Yeah……………… very excited! I love the Drakengard series and this one is looking and sounding good so far. The two main characters are Zero and One. You can see pictures of them below:

Drakengard 3

Zero is known for her violent personality and being troublesome, and also has a promiscuous personality. She has an artificial arm, and a flower in her right eye that keeps growing.

Drakengard 3 Zero

One is the exact opposite of her sister. She is rational, and has a strong sense of justice.

Drakengard 3 One

In Drakengard 3 you play as Zero and she uses a sword on the ground, and can take to the skies on a dragon. When Zero is covered in blood she gets even stronger.

Besides the art and character design, that fact alone was enough to make me even more interested in the game. Hopefully we will hear more on the game as the year goes on.

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