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Final Fantasy X & X-2 HD Remake Coming Later This Year

Final Fantasy X & X-2 International HD Remake

If you didn’t know, Square-Enix has confirmed that both Final Fantasy X & X-2 will both have HD remakes and will be released sometime later this year on the PS3 & Playstation Vita in the West and Europe as well.  NOTE THAT THESE WILL BE THE INTERNATIONAL VERSIONS OF THE GAMES SO THERE WILL BE SOME ADDED THINGS AND FEATURES THAT YOU MAY HAVE NEVER SEEN BEFORE. I welcome this news with great joy as I love both games and they are still sitting on my shelf right now. I never finished X-2, but definitely will now that they are going to be in HD. The only thing I’m not going to like is starting all over again as I am at the very end of X-2, and have pretty much everything in the game -_- lol.

Here is a shot from the HD remake of Final Fantasy X. You can tell how much things are more detailed now compared to the original. The HD Remake picture is on Top:

Final Fantasy X HD screenshot Final Fantasy X HD comparison screenshot

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