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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!! =^_^=

Let Us Give Tanks

Anime Of The Week 11/15 – 11/17…….. Galilei Donna Ep 6, Arpeggio Of Blue Steel: Ars Nova Ep 7, Kill La Kill Ep 7

Gonna drop the WARNING on you guys because of Galilei Donna pics, but Here are this weeks anime of the week. (more…)

Planet Destroyer Black Heart Info Coming Soon

Planet Destroyer Black Heart is a spinoff game from the Hyperdimension Neptunia series starring none other than Noire, (Black Heart) the CPU of Lastation. More info will be revealed on November 28th. Until then here’s a short trailer showing Noire and silhouettes of other characters in the game. As you know most of the Neptunia games have been localized and announced for localization so I can’t wait for more info next week =^_^=

New Opening For Phantasy Star Online 2

So SEGA made a new opening for Phantasy Star Online 2 which looks really really good. Sadly I don’t know if this game will ever get localized though.

Meet The Oracles In This Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 2 Video

This was a very fun trailer. All of them were great, but Chika won with her superb acting skills lol. So looking forward to playing this =^_^=

Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate’s Marie Rose

The newest member of the roster is the Gothic Lolita Marie Rose, from Sweden. Her fighting style is the military like “Systema” which is a deadly fighting style. Check her out in the trailer below:

Anime Of The Week 11/8 – 11/10…….. Freezing Vibration Ep 6

Sorry this got posted so late in the day. I was pretty busy today. This weeks episode of Freezing Vibration was pretty fucked up. I mean more than usual fucked up lol. Louis is an asshole. That is all lol