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It’s Almost 2014!

12 hours to go!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!! (2013) =^_^=

Merry Christmas!!! =^_^=

christmas-music.jpg Merry Christmas 2013

Winter 2013/2014 Anime List! (I Know It Clearly Says Chart, But List Sounds Better lol)

It’s almost that time again. With this you’ll be prepared for the new anime season starting soon =)

*I’ll leave it STICKY for a while so it can be referenced quickly*


Anime Of The Week 12/13 – 12/15…….. Wanna Be The Strongest In The World Ep 11

Yup. Wanna Be The Strongest In The World stood strong last week lol. WARNING: SPOILER AHEAD! (more…)

The First Ever Tales Of Zestiria Trailer!

The game is looking and sounding beautiful already. Both main character designs are nice, they both look and sound like they have quality personalities, the environments were beautiful, and they actually showed a dragon at the end. The combat also looked very nice. Best Tales game confirmed lol. The two main characters names are Slay (Male Protagonist) and Alicia (Female Protagonist). It was also confirmed that Tales Of Zestiria will be a worldwide release. No exact release date has be specified at the moment though.

Caladrius Coming To PS3!

Caladrius originally for the Xbox 360 is coming to the PS3. When it does it will have a new playable character and a new stage. In case you were wondering what kind of game Caladrius is, its a Shoot em up or SHUMP for short. The character design for the game is done by none other than artist Suzuhito Yasuda (Devil Survivor Series). One of my favorite artists if I may add =^_^=

Caladrius will be available in retail stores in Japan sometime in 2014. Looks like it’s time to import =)

*Lots Of Pictures Cause I Love His Art Style*

cald10 cald07 Beelzebub - Caladrius cald08 cald13 cald10 (1) cald11 (1) cald12 cald11 cald09 cald22 Caladrius2466457-wp01_1920_1080 Beelzebub 2 - Caladrius Caladrius2466453-wb01_1920_1080 Caladrius2466454-wb02_1920_1080 Caladrius 2466459-wp03_1920_1080 Caladrius 2466455-wb03_1920_1080 Caladrius-pic-19 Caladrius-pic-20

A Bravely Second Teaser Trailer