So Awesome It Makes You Wanna Cry

It’s Been 3 Years / I’M ON VACATION!

It’s been 3 years since I started Epicly Amazing. I started up back in July 2011, and it’s been a lot of fun. I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon so you don’t have to worry about that lol. My reason for this particular post is to say that I know that over the past 2 seasons (anime wise) there have been quite a few gaps in posts, and lack of as well. I was dealing with a few RL (real life) situations that were quite time consuming. Work, school, working a lot due to car being totaled to get a new car, etc…  Basically I wanted to say to everyone is that I’m definitely going to be posting more often now (anime, video games, etc…), and hopefully the site will feel like it did back when I first started now that I’m on vacation for a while. This doesn’t mean that after my vacation is over that post will be scarce again either lol.

I’ll also be making changes on the site as well such as:

  • The return of posting music
  • Updating sections
  • Adding new categories maybe
  • I created a community made up of wonderful artists called Audio Illustrations on Google+. Check it out when you get the chance
  • Will probably create a Twitter and link it too this site as well as my YouTube, Soundcloud, Google+, and Facebook
  • Other stuff lol

One last music announcement as well. To all my fellow producers out there I will be trying to collab more, and for all those who enjoy my music I’m going to continue to work on Fantasy World 2 as I’m going to try to have it out by this Fall/Christmas time. Of course more remixes, originals, requests coming as well too.

For those who have been here thanks for being here, and welcome to newcomers. Hopefully Epicly Amazing will become a site that you view every so often.

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