So Awesome It Makes You Wanna Cry

New Music! (Halloween Edition)

With 5 mins to spare until Halloween is over (Runs on EST time), I’ll leave you with these two tracks. Hope you like them. Enjoy. (Will update with Soundcloud links later as well)

Beautiful Fighter (Remix) ~ Corpse Princess ~ (Prod. By AzureNova)

Hallow’s Eve (Prod. By AzureNova)

I am and have been for a little while now part of a group which myself along with others started called Otaku Sound Troupe or O.S.T. for short.

Our GHO.S.T. mixtape is our first official project in which we all worked on together. These tracks along with great others will be on the project when it releases so look forward to it. Happy Halloween everyone. #OST or #O.S.T.

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