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Summer 2015 Anime Picks!

Finally lol \O/ (more…)

Trigger Project Announcement!

Originally I was going to release it August 1st, but Arcane (Also a member of O.S.T.) is releasing a major project that day. To give our projects space I’ll be releasing Trigger the weekend after. While Arcane’s project is a major one, mine is just a small “Put together because I was bored” type project. I apologize for the delay, but that’s that lol. Make sure you check out Arcane’s page here for his project on the 1st as it will be a good one:



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Gameplay Videos

Soon. Soon.

Visual Novel Tokyo Babel Is Getting Localized

I want this. Tokyo Babel looks cool as it’s about Heaven and Hell colliding. No release date yet, but the announcement has been made.

Check Out Net High’s Opening Movie

This was an amazing opening! Now this is something I’m really hoping gets localized. The premise of the game sounds great. Net High comes out in Japan November 26th, and you can read more in detail here:

Odin Sphere Leifthrasir!

Atlus and Vanillaware teamed up to bring us a remake of Odin Sphere titled Odin Sphere Leifthrasir. I remember when Odin Sphere first came out years ago and it was great. Not only did they improve mechanics among other things in the game, but the original Odin Sphere will come with this one as an HD Remake too. Now while I’m excited that this exists, I’m not looking forward to fighting Belial: The Raging Dragon again -_- lol

Moero Crystal Opening Movie

Hopefully we get a Western release date for this one.