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Gravity Rush Remastered & Gravity Rush 2 TGS 2015 Trailers!

This was my favorite announcement of Tokyo Game Show. Sony delivered big with Gravity Rush Remastered and Gravity Rush 2 both coming out for PS4 next year. I can’t wait for more Kat =^_^=

* Also a special collectors edition was announced for the Japanese release of the Remaster. I will be both importing and buying again if the collector’s edition doesn’t make it out of Japan*

Release Dates:

Japan – December 10th
North America – February 9th
Europe – February 10th



Star Ocean 5: Integrity And Faithlessness TGS 2015 Trailer

I love the Star Ocean series, and Star Ocean 5 looks amazing. Next year can’t come soon enough.

Killing Bites TGS 2015 Trailer

I will be playing this. Bloody Roar is one of my favorite series, and this gives off that feel. Plus all the fighters are sexy animal girls =^_^=

Persona 5 TGS 2015 Trailer

It’s going to be great.

God Eater: Resurrection TGS 2015 Trailer

I put all my faith into this being localized. I’m really hoping this gets localized. I don’t see why they wouldn’t. I mean we did get the first one and all even though it was for the PSP.

Dark Souls III TGS 2015 Trailer

I can’t wait to die again! \O/

Bloodborne: The Old Hunters Expansion DLC

Comes out November 24th and will cost $19.99. My body and wallet are ready.

Final Fantasy XV TGS 2015 Trailer


Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth TGS 2015 Trailer

Even more Digimon! North America and Europe will be getting this next year in 2016.

Digimon World: Next Order TGS 2015 Trailer

Can never have too much Digimon. I hope this one gets localized just like Digimon Cyber Sleuth is.

Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force Trailer

The new Fairy Fencer F is looking good.

New World Trailer

Well, it’s not .Hack, but CyberConnect2 makes a good looking game for the Android and IPhone. Sigh, I really want another .Hack game to play. An online .Hack MMO would be amazing.

Toukiden 2 TGS 2015 Trailer

Ni-Oh TGS 2015 Trailer

Koei Tecmo’s new game that reminds me of the Souls games, and kinda gives off the same feel.

Exist Archive TGS 2015 Trailer

A Spike Chunsoft and tri-Ace collaboration. I want.

Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax Ignition Trailer

I can’t wait to play this.

At the moment only the PS3 and Vita versions have been announced for North America. I’m hoping they will announce the PS4 version soon too as it only has been announced for Japan so far.

Karin Kanzuki Street Fighter V Announcement TGS 2015 Trailer

I wasn’t interested in at first, but I said to myself if they added both R. Mika AND Karin then I would get Street Fighter 5. They have done just that, and I couldn’t be any happier.

God I love her laugh lol

Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir TGS 2015 Trailer

Looking forward to playing it again, but not looking forward to Belial The Raging Dragon -_- lol

Tears Of Avia Trailer

A new turn based tactical RPG for PC. It’s Steam Greenlit, and looks pretty interesting.

Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps TGS 2015 Trailer

Meh. Gonna have to see more on it first, but it doesn’t look all that interesting.

Tokyo Game Show 2015!

TGS 2015 is going on right now. There’s a a lot of good stuff being announced and trailers that have been released. Expect a flood of posts this upcoming weekend.


Criminal Girls 2 Trailer

One jail I wouldn’t mind going to.¬†Hopefully this one won’t be censored if it gets released out of Japan.

New Hatsune Miku Figure

Designed by Evangelion character designer, and produced by Good Smile Company. It is very nice looking.

Summon Night 6 Teaser Trailer

Damn them and their teasers lol >_<