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Ghost In The Shell Online Gameplay Trailer

Posts Out Later Today

It was a Holiday weekend, and I was doing stuff. Yup. lol

Exist Archive Story Trailer

Exist Archive is looking really good. Here’s the latest video about the game.

Hyperdimension Neptunia VS Sega Hard Girls: Dream Fusion Special Trailers

Hyperdimension Neptunia and SEGA Hard Girls have a crossover game that comes out on Novemeber 26th in Japan for the Playstation Vita. Check out the videos below for the opening move and some gameplay:




HD T&A In Dead Or Alive Xtreme 3

The jiggle physics of both the T&A in Xtreme 3 are amazing in beautiful HD glory lol

A Few Blade Arcus Shining EX Fights Featuring Sonia

Sonia is a console exclusive character. Here’s how she plays in game as well as some of the other characters:

Blade & Soul Getting A Major Update This Winter

I’m currently in the North American Betas for Blade & Soul, and I can tell you that the game is amazing. A new trailer was released showing a new major update, and a new class as well. Since the game will finally be released in English, you can bet that we’ll get this update eventually too.

Reverse X Reverse

Reverse X Reverse is a game where you control two girls at once through a series of 81 levels in order to get them safely to the end. It looks pretty fun. Sekai Project just keeps the interesting games coming. I can’t wait for Neko Para 2 as well =^_^=

Took A Short Break

Took a short break, but that ends now. While I won’t be posting anything besides this message today, I will be posting during the week to make up for these past two weekends.

Yanvania: Senpai of the Night

This is the best Castlevania game lol. It was too awesome. As soon as I saw title screen I knew where this was going, and loved every moment of it.

Torture, Mind-Breaking, and Murder-Suicide in Yandere Simulator

New features added to Yandere Simulator! The game is coming along beautifully.

NieR Automata!

So happy we’re getting another NieR game! Platinum Games worked on the combat and battle system, and the music was amazing. I simply cannot wait. NieR Automata just jumped way up on my list of most anticipated games.

Omega Labyrinth PV 2

I’m laughing my ass off at how awesome this trailer was. Please let this get localized somehow. Omega Labyrinth just looks so fun and entertaining lol.

Forgotten Memories: Alternate Realities

This looks good. Coming early 2016 for Playstation 4, Playstation 3, and Vita.

Blade Waltz

I’m not usually too into phone games, but this looks pretty fun.

Outlast II