So Awesome It Makes You Wanna Cry

Final Fantasy VII Remake Will Be Split Into Several Titles

Square-Enix has decided to divide the Final Fantasy VII Remake into “Several Titles” or basically multiple disks that we’ll have to pay for just because the data is so large. So essentially we could be paying over $200 for this multi part bullshit depending on how many “Titles” there are. That’s what this practically is if they decide to price each “Title” at $60.

So to everyone thinking that these are different games, they aren’t, and you’re wrong. The original FFVII was expanded over three disks that we paid only ONE price for. These aren’t three totally separate and different games like XIII was. This is literally just making us pay for physical media. Welp, everyone wanted a FFVII Remake, and here it is lol -_-

Why would you do this

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