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You Can’t Stop Me!!!

Is AzureNova upset about the censorship issue in the West?

No not at all………

Video Incoming!!!

AzureNova will be releasing a special video in a few hours.

Look forward to it.


Anime Of The Week 1/23 – 1/24…….. Konosuba Ep2 & Mobile Suit Gundam – Iron-Blooded Orphans EP 16

My first Anime Of The Week for the Winter 2016 Anime season.  (more…)

Winter 2016 Anime Picks!

I’m liking this season. (more…)

Anime Picks Out Later Today

AzureNova’s Anime Picks out later today. Is going to play in the snow first.
God I hate snow -_-
Grumpy Cat - When I see snow

Winter 2016 Anime Picks Out This Upcoming Weekend

It’s time.

What Do You Think Yandere Simulator Should Be Renamed To?