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It Was Nice Knowing You Guys

Star Ocean arrived. What little social life I had is now nonexistent. It was nice knowing you guys =P

Fate/EXTELLA: The Umbral Star E3 2016 Trailer

T A M A M O <3. Enough said. Going to be one of my favorite games.


NieR Automata E3 2106 Epic Boss Battle

I’m speechless. The combat and music were so epic! This is definitely going to be be one of my favorite games when it releases.

9 Minutes Of Shanatae

I might get this.

Berserk Looks Good So Far……..

Here’s to hoping they do it right.

Posts Out Later Today & Onechanbara Livestream This Evening (Sunday)

I’ll give a specific time later today.

Tales of Berseria E3 2016 “The Flame Trailer”

I think this is going to be my favorite Tales game! =^_^=

Star Ocean 5 E3 2016 Launch Trailer

I simply cannot wait until the 28th. This is all I’ll be doing for a while. Also Miki Best Girl lol

Relia Trailer

Gravity Rush 2 E3 2016 Trailer

Yes Yes Yes! Kat and Raven are back! With a new trailer =^_^=

NieR Automata E3 2016 Trailer

The hype is real. Platinum Games  as well as Yoko Taro does it again!

Persona 5 E3 2016 Trailer


NIOH E3 2016 Trailer

It looks much better than the Alpha demo was. I’m glad they made changes.

Vampyr E3 2016 Trailer


Looking forward to the movie more than the game.

Horizion Zero Dawn E3 2016 Gameplay Trailer

Looks so good.

The Last Guardian E3 2016 Trailer


God Of War E3 2016 Trailer

Resident Evil 7 E3 2016 Trailer

Death Stranding E3 2106 Trailer

Kojima is back.

Spiderman PS4 E3 2016 Trailer

Days Gone E3 2016 Trailer

That’s a lot of feakin zombies.



Detroit Become Human E3 2016 Trailer

Harvest Moon: Skytree Village E3 2016 Trailer

Gears Of War 4 E3 2016 Gameplay Trailer