So Awesome It Makes You Wanna Cry


Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate’s Marie Rose

The newest member of the roster is the Gothic Lolita Marie Rose, from Sweden. Her fighting style is the military like “Systema” which is a deadly fighting style. Check her out in the trailer below:

Gunslinger Stratos Trailer!

Gunslinger Stratos is an arcade double gun action shooter from Square Enix and ByKing (Developer of Gunslinger Stratos). I would love to see this come to consoles and localized as well! >_<

The list of names working on this title is impressive: Nouki Kadoi (Lord of Vermilion) as the producer Shinichiro Obata (a planner on Marvel vs. Capcom) as the director, and Gen Urobuchi (Nitro+ and Madoka Magica writer) as the core staff.
Also, Bayonetta character designer Mari Shimazaki, mecha artist Shigeto Koyama, and Arco Wada are Gunslinger Stratos character designers.