So Awesome It Makes You Wanna Cry


Friendship, Gossip, and Bullying in Yandere Simulator

Another video update from Yandere Dev. The game is coming along nicely ^_^

Pre-Order Final Fantasy Type-0 HD For Final Fantasy XV Demo

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is going to be awesome, and Square Enix announced that the FFXV demo will contain 2 hours of content. Final Fantasy Type-0 HD will be available March 17th, 2015 for PS4 and Xbox One.

Ni no Kuni: Wrath Of The White Witch Demo Out Today!

Yup that’s right. Namco Bandai will release a demo for the game on the PSN today! So all you PS3 owners get out there and give it a try. I know I am =)

Ni no Kuni Wrath Of The White Witch logo

Metal Gear Rising: Revengence Demo Coming December 13th!

Konami will release a demo for the upcoming Metal Gear on December 13th. This is the same demo that was packaged with the Zone Of The Enders HD Collection.

Metal Gear Rising Revengence logo

Soul Sacrifice Demo Coming Out December 20th!

The only catch with this demo is that it will be released on the Japanese PSN so you will have to use a Japanese account to access the demo. Really looking forward to this one though. Soul Sacrifice will be released in Japan on March 13th. While it has been confirmed for a U.S. and EU localization, there has been no exact release date yet.

Soul Sacrifice logo