So Awesome It Makes You Wanna Cry


Left Alive Teaser Trailer From Square Enix (TGS 2017)

Now this looks interesting. My favorite mech game is still the Zone of The Enders series, but lets see if Square can change that since I don’t think we’ll be getting another ZOE anytime soon.

Anime Picks Out Later Today

AzureNova’s Anime Picks out later today. Is going to play in the snow first.
God I hate snow -_-
Grumpy Cat - When I see snow

Winter 2016 Anime Picks Out This Upcoming Weekend

It’s time.

New Propaganda Idols Song “Eikyu Kofuku Calculation” (Eternal Happiness)

Loved the song and video. I really do hope we get Freedom Wars 2 sometime in the near future. PS4 or Vita? Either or is fine with me. I have a PS4, a Vita, and a Vita TV. Bring it on Sony. I also added their first original music video below as well:

Propaganda Idols (Eternal Happiness)

Eikyu Kofuku Calculation (Eternal Happiness)

Let’s Contribute ~Love’s Imprisonment is 1,000,000 Years~

Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force Trailer

The new Fairy Fencer F is looking good.

Omega Labyrinth’s First Trailer

So I’ve been following Omega Labyrinth since it was announced, and we finally have it’s first official trailer. All I can say is that I love you D3 lol. The plot of the game is that the main character is on a quest to increase her bust size. Yes, that’s the plot. It’s a plot about “plot” lol. D3 Publisher is the one behind Omega Labyrinth so maybe we’ll see a localization in the future. Onechanbara (Also published by D3) made it over so perhaps this will too.

Omega Labrynth Characters

Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem Character Trailer *E3 2015*

This has been a day 1 for me since the first trailer was shown. Here, have some characters.