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Akiba’s Beat Announced For Playstation 4 And Vita

I kinda liked what I saw, but I’m not really feeling the character design for this one. Mixed feelings all around lol. Will have to see some more. Perhaps some character highlights or combat features or something.

Check Out The Animation And Gameplay In Akiba’s Trip 2

I forget if I’ve posted about this series on my site before, but Akiba’s Trip (Can also be seen as Akiba Strip) is a game where you defeat vampires blending in with the community by striping their clothes off. Yes, you strip the clothes off of both male and female vampires in order to expose them to sunlight thus killing them lol. I for one am hoping this wacky adventure gets localized somehow, even it’s only a digital download. Akiba’s Trip was originally for the PSP while Akiba’s Trip 2 is for the Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita.