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Dear Lord It’s Going To Take Me Forever To Create My Character In Code Vein

Code Vein early-stage-1

Yesterday, May 8th, a whole lot of new videos featuring gameplay and character creation were released on Code Vein. It has been months since we’ve heard anything on the games’ development process, but they did not disappoint as these new video releases show they have been quite busy fine tuning the game. No release date yet, but after seeing these videos, I can wait a little longer.

This first video shows off the absolutely beautiful character creation that you can do in the game which runs for a good twenty minutes (Yes I watched the whole thing), and the things you can do with it are outstanding. It is going to take me quite some time to get past the character creation process before starting the actual game. I hope all Namco Bandai games continue to use Unreal Engine 4 in the future.

These other videos are of gameplay and some are rather lengthy so watch them when you have the time. I’m sure there are other new Code Vein videos floating around the net, but I didn’t want to spoil too much for myself as it still is my most anticipated game of 2019.

Project Eve Looks Amazing!

I didn’t think it would happen, but now I have another game to add to my most anticipated list. Introducing Project Eve. Artist Hyung-Tae Kim who worked on Magna Carta, Blade & Soul, and Destiny Child, is actually directing it.

Apparently the game takes inspiration from NieR Automata and God of War. Graphics and physics wise (dat but jiggle lol / the way the monster was moving) this looks simply astounding. Even though the plot is similar to Nier Automata, we’ll have to wait and see where they go with it. Also the music in the trailer (Loved it) HNNNNNNNG >_<

The game is being developed for Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC. I also think its worth mentioning that the game is being developed using Unreal Engine 4. No release date or time frame, but that’s fine with me. For something like this I say they should take their time, and release it when it’s ready. (Still waiting for Code Vein as well after all =P)

Shelter (Official Video)

Absolutely Amazing! This is a very beautiful video.

A short film created by Porter Robinson & Madeon with A-1 Pictures and Crunchyroll

Fate/EXTELLA Gameplay Teaser Trailer!


This is a Day 1 buy for me. Tamamo, Elizabeth, and Atilla MMMMMM ❤

Final Fantasy XII Remake “Final Fantasy XII The Zodiak Age” Trailer!

Square is really making me smile again lately. Star Ocean 5, Nier Automata, and now this announcement. Square is doing good things. I get to see Fran in glorious HD =)

Akiba’s Beat Announced For Playstation 4 And Vita

I kinda liked what I saw, but I’m not really feeling the character design for this one. Mixed feelings all around lol. Will have to see some more. Perhaps some character highlights or combat features or something.

Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni Shows Off It’s Features And Looks Amazing!

It’s like Senran Kagura times two. I love it lol =^_^=

Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom!

Words cannot express the happy.

Gravity Rush Remastered Gameplay

Gravity Rush being awesome as always.


Happy Halloween all. More posts to come out later today.


ME!ME!ME! Feat. Daoko / Teddyloid (My New Favorite Music Video Ever)

(The Video Was Removed From YouTube Due To Obvious Reasons, But The Video Can Still Be Found Via Link Below)

Dear Lord this video is epic! Brought to you by Studio Khara and Dwango as part of Japans Anima(tor) Expo, this video is one you don’t want to miss out on. The song is called ME! ME! ME! Feat. Daoko / Teddyloid and is just as epic as the video is. More info can be found here:

Bayonetta 2 Trailer & Gameplay Video (E3 2014)

So I don’t know if I’ve told you guys just how much I love Bayonetta, but I do, and Bayonetta 2 is going to be amazing. One of my favorite games/characters is getting a sequel so you know I’m hyped. Check out the trailers for yourself and see why:

Final Fantasy XV HD Trailers / Gameplay (PS4 & Xbox One)

*Simply Beautiful. This is a day one for me =^_^=

Final Fantasy XV Official Trailer HD:

Gameplay Trailer 1:

Gameplay Trailer 2:

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn “CRYSTALS CALL” Trailer (PC, PS3 & PS4)

*So looking forward to playing this =^_^=

A Beautiful Atelier Ayesha Trailer

Very beautiful indeed. Music and all.  After getting this one, my Atelier Arland series will be complete =^_^=

Currently Playing Ni No Kuni: Wrath Of The White Witch

If you like RPGs then don’t overlook this. Ni No Kuni is a beautiful game and deserves it’s praise. Will definitely be doing a full review after I beat the game.


Ni no Kuni drippy-and-oliver Ni no Kuni Esterh

Real 2D!

The world’s first technology that allows three-dimensional representation in 2D!
This is pretty freakin cool!

More info can be found here on their website. If needed, use the translate option your browser should have to translate the text if you wish to read it.

Real 2D

Atelier Ayesha ~ One Of The Most Beautiful Openings Ever ~

I have nothing to say about this opening other than it being amazingly beautiful, breathtaking, and enchanting. The music and visuals are wonderful. One of my favorite openings ever if I must say =^_^=