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Winter 2016 Anime Picks Out This Upcoming Weekend

It’s time.

Another Year, Another Level Up

Tomorrow is my birthday. While I am still working on my Fall 2014 Anime Picks, I will be releasing and posting new music tomorrow. Saturday seems to be the day for the picks list to be finished. There are A LOT of anime this season that are really good. Some unexpectedly good as well.

Comicon 2014 / Fall 2014 Anime Picks

Went to Comicon in New York, and it was awesome. So many things to buy there. I will do another post showcasing pictures and things later. As for my Fall 2014 Anime Picks I’m aiming to have that out early next week.

Summer 2014 Anime Picks!

Skipped doing a proper one last season, but not this time lol. (more…)

The New Anime Seaon

I’ve watched the first episodes of all the new anime that started this Summer that have come out so far. My Summer 2014 Anime Picks will be out next week.

I Beat DMC (Devil May Cry) Yesterday. (Yes The New One)

So I took a break from working on stuff to play and beat the newest Devil May Cry game since its free on PSN for those who have Playstation Plus. So there will be a review on that soon.

Also yes, my Winter 2014 anime picks are still coming out this weekend.

dmc-2012-1wallpaper-2 dmc-devil-may-cry-reboot-new-character-kat

Winter 2014 Anime Picks Out This Weekend!

We have a nice 3 day weekend coming up, and I plan on spending it relaxing at home lol. With that said I’ll get to completing my Winter 2014 Anime Picks. It’ll be out sometime this weekend. Thanks for waiting =)

Winter 2014 Anime Picks In The Works

I’ve watched most of the new anime that has come out so far last night. Some still haven’t started, but hopefully will come out during this week or this weekend. Out of the ones that I did watch I can already say that there were some fun ones. I’ll have my picks out as soon as I can =)

Fall 2013 Anime Picks [UPDATE]!

Yes, it’s still coming out today. just taking a little longer than usual. Thanks for waiting =)

Fall 2013 Anime Picks Update

Saturday will be the day that this comes out. The list might be a little long for this season, but the anime are totally worth it =)

Summer 2013 Anime Update!

I WILL NOT BE DOING A SUMMER 2013 ANIME PV FLOOD.┬áLong time no hear on this subject, but there are a couple things that have influenced this decision. As some of you may know, I also make music. Originals, J-Pop remixes, and Anime remixes. I have been recently asked to make some music to be featured on other peoples mixtapes that they are putting together, and have been working on another of my own projects as well. I couldn’t turn these offers down as it’s exciting to be asked and have your work featured for others, and it helps get my name out there. Enough with that though. The other reason is because of the Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Beta. As I have stated before, the Beta phases happen every weekend, and that’s what has been taking up my time there lol

With all that said I’m sorry if these sound like lazy excuses but I assure your they’re not lol =P

I WILL OF COURSE STILL BE DOING MY ANIME PICKS FOR THE ANIME SEASON. <——– This will never change, and I know some of you look forward to hearing my opinion on them as I do indeed watch close to all of them to give them a try. I have currently watched most of the 1st episodes of most of the anime already and will come out with my picks soon. Some anime have yet to air but should be out soon.

Thank you all for being understanding and your views are appreciated lol =^_^=

Anime I’m Also Watching This Season

Even though they didn’t make my recommended to watch anime picks, I am also watching and enjoying these anime very much as well:

  • Shining Hearts
  • Haiyore! Nyaruko-san
  • Saki Episode of Side A
  • Acchi Kocchi
  • Hyouka

Spring 2012 Anime Picks!

The Spring 2012 anime picks are here, and there are a lot of good ones! (more…)

Anime Picks Coming Soon

My Spring 2012 Anime Picks will be out after this weekends anime session on Wednesday. Some new anime have started and at least 2 episodes are out of the ones that already started. Ill have some good ones for you, and thanks for being patient =)

Winter 2012 Anime Picks Coming Soon

With the new season started, my Winter anime picks will come soon after I’ve finished watching them. Look forward to some good ones!