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It’s Been A While / Azure Update Incoming

Special Live Azure Update on Youtube Sunday The 15th. Will update on the time later this week.

Who’s The Real Monster (Azure Update 2/9/18)


Time to hunt!

*Two music projects on the way


*Zatheriel’s Links:

~ ~

~ ~

~ ~

*Upcoming Games I’ll Be Getting/Playing:

Code Vein – PS4 or PC (Still Undecided lol)
Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet – PS4
Bless Online – PC
Onmyoji – PC
Soul Worker Online – PC

*Winter 2018 Anime I’m Watching:

Dagashi Kashi S2
Darling In The FranXX
Death March Rapsody
Granchest Senki
Killing Bites
Miira no Kaikata
Overlord II
Violet Evergarden

Pre Azure Update Message

It’s Friday so I thought I’d check in real quick.

What’s up everyone? Hope everyone is doing well. Recently I dropped Mugshot & Piano Solo which are just some of the many tracks I have to release. I intend to release them at a steady pace so you’ll always have something to listen too. I also have two projects that are completed, but it will still be a bit before I get them out to you all due to other circumstances that I will mention in my upcoming Azure Update among other things as well.

That’s all for now, but as always thanks for listening and stay tuned for more.

Azure Update (September 2017) / Consider The Following

I’ve been pretty quiet these first few weeks of September, but there’s a reason for that. Please,

I’ve been working on things for your entertainment. Not only music, but I want to come out with more gaming videos as well. For example, I recently purchased Destiny 2, and have already uploaded a video to YouTube. Music projects are on schedule as I have a lot to be released next month in October. Also with a lot of multiplayer games coming out in the near future I’d like to do more of what you guys would like to see and also game with you guys as well. Changes in my work schedule have also affected my time a bit, but I still aim to do what I like when I have the time. I hope you all continue to enjoy my content, and ask you be patient a little longer. Don’t worry, AzureNova isn’t going anywhere lol.

Until next time, AzureNova out.

Tamamo Mahou (Azure Update 2/1/2017)

Azure Update 12/7/2016

In case some missed it.

Azure Update [IMPORTANT] (7/29/16)

What’s up everyone?

I have more time on my hands now that my schedule switched at work, so I’ll be up in the community more and have more time to work on music.

It seems you guys like when I sample so I’ll get back to doing that as well. My “Waiting For The Rain Sample (Remix)” hit over 1K plays in a month. That may not be impressive to some, but it’s the fastest beat that’s gotten to 1K so quickly. I’m currently working on another sampled beat that’s really good, and yes, I do take requests as I’ve been asked by a couple of people.

As for video game videos I play quite a few things at the same time on both PC and console so that’s why they’ve been slow. I will be uploading something to YouTube after I write this post though to show you what I’ve been up too.

Last but not least shout out to my fellow producers and artists. The reason why I don’t really do shout outs is because I don’t really like leaving people out if I forget to include them in the shout, but know that I didn’t forget about you in general. There are just so many of us that sometimes it’s hard to keep track of everyone’s activities. I’m sure everyone knows what I mean, but again shout too all of you especially the ones who I’m close with and talk to even if it’s just a little.

I think that about wraps this up. Much love and appreciation to all, and more stuff on the way.