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Black Rock Shooter The Game Review

Black Rock Shooter The Game Key Art

Black Rock Shooter The Game was a refreshing experience as the battle system was unique and the entire tone of the game just seemed different from others.

The controls in the game are very simplistic. O is dodge, X is guard, square is to shoot, and a combination of  holding down the R button and pressing triangle, square, circle, or X will activate special skills. Using items during battle is done the same way, but by holding down the L button and selecting and item with X. Battles in the game are plentiful so you will have a lot of time to get the system down. While most of the enemies have the same model  in the game, they vary from color to color and some may be faster or slower. To me the most annoying enemies in the game are the projectile ones, especially the Vespids.

The story of BRS The Game is good, and I liked it better than the anime. Yes, as depressing and messed up the anime was, I sat through the whole series and enjoyed it for the most part lol. Anyway, apparently there are only 12 human beings left on Earth and waking up Black Rock Shooter is there only hope to survive and fend off the aliens who have completely destroyed the planet and all life on earth. That’s all I’m going to say on the story because I want you to experience and enjoy it for yourself if you decide to play it. Obviously they do succeed in waking BRS though lol

The boss fights in the game are extremely fun in my opinion, and the music that goes along with them is awesome too. Each main boss has their own set of moves, and their character design is great (Thank you Huke lol), and not to mention that each of their personalities are awesome too. Boss fights are where I had the most fun in the game. Especially the final battle, but you’ll see what I mean when you get there lol. In no way are these bosses pushovers either. If you don’t time your dodges and use you r skills wisely, you’ll be dead before you know it.

I loved this game very much and it was well worth the buy. The game is $19.99, and can be downloaded on the PSN. Its’ a shame that we didn’t get the Premium White Box localized, but I’m happy with being able to play the game nonetheless. Besides, I already imported the Japanese Premium White Box sitting on my shelf (Had to brag) lol. If you are looking for a good way to spend $20 bucks and like Black Rock Shooter, then don’t be afraid to pick this up. I give Black Rock Shooter The Game a 5 our of 5 because it was a great experience.

Black Rock Shooter: The Game Background And Header Change

Yeah, I decided to change the site a bit again because I’m currently playing Black Rock Shooter: The Game on my Vita and loving every moment of it. The game is honestly freakin cool. Definitely going to do a review after I finish playing it =^_^=


Black Rock Shooter The Game Out On PSN Now!

In case you didn’t know, Black Rock Shooter The Game is out now on the PSN and available for download. The game costs $19.99 and is compatible with the Vita.

Black Rock Shooter X White Rock Shooter

Black * Rock Shooter PV

I love Black Rock Shooter.

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A Whole Bunch of Black Rock Shooter

My prayers have been answered! It was recently announced that NISA is bringing Black Rock Shooter The Game over to the U.S. I’m already buying the Japanese version though because they are getting The White Premium Box that comes with cool stuff, but I will also be buying the English version when it comes out too; you know, so I can actually understand the game fully lol. Either way, I’ve decided to celebrate with some BRS trailers and pictures. Enjoy! =^_^=