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Technical Difficulties

Had to address a few real life issues (Not too serious so don’t worry lol), but will be back on track soon. Those reviews, anime picks V2, and more posts on the way.

Sick Again. / Anime Update.

AzureNova is sick again =(. Every Winter it never fails. On a side note many anime didn’t air because of New Year’s so┬áno Anime of The Week this week, but the Fall 2012 Anime Season Wrap Up will get done once the few remaining series not ongoing end. I believe they should be ending after this weekends episodes.



Blah! a.k.a. Anime Of The Week Update.

So as circumstance may have it, I was called into work early today. The good news is that I also get to leave work early as well because of this. With that said Anime Of The Week will be the first thing I do after I get out of work if nothing else unexpectedly happens.

Srry about this guys lol =P