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STUFF / What I’m Currently Playing And Going To Be Playing Soon (End of May / June 2014)

Just wanted to leave an update on a few things.


  • Dark Souls 2 Review – Finished, and have to type it up.
  • Senran Kagura: Burst Review – Also finished, and just have to type it up.

Now for the games:


  • Currently playing FATE/EXTRA (PSP Game) which I’m half way through.
  • Conception II is next on the list to be played
  • After Conception II its on to Demon Gaze

PS3: Ugh. Kinda backlogged on the PS3 lol, but here’s what I’m playing on it at the moment. No real kind of order for the PS3 games by the way lol:

  • Drakengard 3 (Going to finish the rest of the games on the list and get to this as soon as I can. D3 was my most anticipated game for the year so far, and I wanna play it dammit =P)
  • Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII (In progress, but towards the end of the game)
  • Killer Is Dead (Yeah….. I’m gonna beat this one soon and get it out of the way. This one has been backlogged way too long lol)
  • Tales Of Graces F (Don’t look at me like that. I know this should’ve been done already lol)
  • Akiba’s Trip (Have this one pre-ordered, and looking forward to playing it in all its awesomeness lol)
  • Time and Eternity (Yup, finally going to open it up and play it. Don’t let the other reviews influence you by the way. I’ve talked to quite a few people because I wanted to be sure, and some say that it’s not super horrible as some say it is)


  • Pretty much just playing FFXIV: A Realm Reborn (This is what takes up most of my time by the way lol)
  • Blade & Soul (Whenever the Hell it gets localized lol)
  • Black Desert (They are already looking for an Eastern publisher for it so it shouldn’t take too long to be localized. Black Desert will be at E3 this year)


  • Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn (I also play it on PS4 too)
  • N
  • Other than FFXIV………
  • T
  • H
  • I guess Destiny, but that’s not till this Fall
  • N
  • G

3DS: Eh.

  • Bravely Default (But in no rush to really play it. Not that it’s not a good game, but just feel eh right now about it lol)


And there you have it. Lots of stuff lol. Regular posts will continue as well =)

Check Out The Job Classes In Bravely Default

I played the demo and I have to say that the game is well done. Bravely Default comes out February 7th in North America.

Bravely Default Demo Out Today In North America


The Bravely Default demo is scheduled to be released today sometime in the Nintendo eShop. The demo is said to have content that won’t be in the full game when it comes out. Bravely Default will be released in North America on February 7th.

A Bravely Second Teaser Trailer

Bravely Default Launch Trailer! (Europe)

Bravely Default launched today in Europe, and here is the latest trailer for the game. The game looks really really good, and I can’t wait until it launches in North America on February 7th.

European Collector’s Edition For Bravely Default!

This collector’s edition is exclusive to GAME stores will only sell the regular edition of the game, but pre-ordering will also get you a smaller art book. I think this collector’s edition is really nice and those who are planning to by the game who live it Europe should pick this up when they get the chance. Bravely Default looks like it’s going to be one of those hard games to find after it’s released.

Bravely_Default Collector's Edition Europe

Europe Gets Bravely Default This December!

This beautiful looking 3DS game has a release date of December 6th in Europe. North America won’t see the game until early 2014, but here’s an English trailer for everyone.

Bravely Default: For The Sequel TGS 2013 Trailer

So can’t wait to play this =)

*Ignore the title of the video. The uploader titled it wrong.

Bravely Default: Flying Fairy Getting Localized And English Subtitled Trailer!

Finally Square Enix and Nintendo are localizing Bravely Default for the Nintendo 3DS. Europe will get the game sometime in 2013 while it was announced that North America will receive the game in 2014. Either way I’m just glad that we’re finally getting it. Here is the English subtitled trailer to go along with the great news: