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My friend Rayuka Gaming is back from his hiatus. It’s time to move out.


Pulled out my Thorn and went to work because I didn’t feel like loosing.

Pistol Whipped

Lost the first match but wanted to make sure we won the next one.

It Is My Destiny Therefore I Must =P

Yeah….. I’ve pretty much been playing Destiny and neglecting everything else in my free time, but things will return to normal this week. Just had to get it out of my system is all lol

Midnight Destiny

Destiny Logo

For all those who pre-ordered DESTINY, remember that it’s a MIDNIGHT RELEASE (At Gamestop) if you’re up for it. Destiny is to be released 9/9/2014, which is tomorrow, 11 hours from now. The beta while short was fun, and I’m hoping that the rest of the game feels the same as well.

Check Out The Latest Destiny Trailer

Really hyped for Destiny. My friend and I enjoyed the Beta extremely much. September 9th needs to get here sooner lol. Bungie did an awesome job on this one, and the trailer is very nice.

Summer 2014 Anime Picks [Update]

Delayed due to Destiny Beta and lack of sleep. Destiny is awesome. Will release list tomorrow (SATURDAY). Just need to add a few more anime. Goodnight.

Destiny Beta Is Live Today!

Destiny Logo

For those who pre-ordered Destiny like myself, the time has come. The Beta began just a few hours ago, and is ready and playable. I didn’t get into the Alpha, but now I can see what everyone was talking about when they said how great it was.

Destiniy Trailer (PS3 & PS4)

*Looks really good