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Alpha Yuri {Closers Online Alpha}

I got into the Closers Alpha this past weekend and it was so much fun! I had such a great time with the Alpha that I wanted to make sure to share it with you all.

The game is fast paced beat em up awesome with many characters to choose from all with different and unique fighting styles. I can’t wait for the game to fully launch this Fall.

Closers English Open Beta To Start This Fall!!!

After years of waiting we’re finally getting Closers online and I couldn’t be happier. En Masse Entertainment are the ones responsible for publishing it in English, and I think that’s great news since they also handle TERA Online, which I love as well. You can actually sign up for the beta on their site right now for a chance to be in it once the game comes out. You can find the link below as well as the Japanese opening for the game:

Beta Sign Up:

NEXON’s G-Star 2014 Trailer

Closers and Peria Chronicles for me. Ghost In The Shell looks okay too. The other games look alright lol

Closers Online Preview & Gameplay Trailers

I’m pretty excited for this. I love anime style games when done well, and this looks like it will be. Just from the trailer alone I have fallen in love with the characters, and style of the game already (Yuri is my favorite =^_^=). There is quite a bit of info on the game already, but since the article is kinda long I’ll just give you the link to the original source here: Closers Online Preview