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Azure Will Die More Than Twice (Part 2) (PC)

Watch me die a whole lot more for the second time. Oh, and we beat a boss so I guess that’s nice too.


Just bout the game recently for PC and since Halloween just passed it seemed like the right time to share it with the World.

Azure Plays: Dark Souls 3 (The Ringed City DLC) Ep 1 (Halloween 2018 Stream)

It’s Halloween again. Time to play some Dark Souls ^_^

NieR Automata’s Elegant Destruction Trailer

March 7th!

Accel World vs.. Sword Art Online Trailer

The hype is real!

Arnath’s Transformations In Land Of No Night

Land Of No Night is one of my most anticipated games to be released in the future, and it just so happens a trailer of Arnath’s transformations and abilities was released. Her transformations look cool, and the combat looks fun.