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Black Desert Coming To Consoles! Launches On Xbox One X First As A Timed Exclusive!

They’ve finally done it. Pearl Abyss and Microsoft announced that Black Desert is indeed headed to consoles this Fall starting with Microsoft’s console. We don’t know when it’ll hit the PS4, but it’ll probably be sometime next year.

It’s Beautiful!………….

My PS4 just arrived and yeah……… =^_^=

It's Beautiful 20131115_122600

A Whole Bunch Of Next Gen PS4 Trailers!

So instead of posting each individual trailer, I thought I’ve save some time with a playlist. There are quite a few good things in the future for the PS4. =)

Wii Mini Exclusive To Canada

Info was leaked recently on the Wii Mini which will be exclusive to Canada on December 7th. The Wii Mini will cost $100, has no backwards compatibility, and won’t be able to connect to the internet. Now I know that Nintendo has made quite a bit of money recently over this past holiday, but this really seems like a waste of money and resources to me.