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Onechanbara Z2: Chaos Coming To North America This Summer With Bonus Pre-Order Content!

Yup. Onechabara Z2: Chaos is being localized thanks to the wonderful people at Xseed. If you pre-order the game you will also get the bonus Strawberries & Banana costumes in game as well. Thank you Xseed lol. Onechanbara Z2: Chaos will be out at the end of June on the 30th this year for PS4.

Onechanbara z2 Chaos Onechanbara Z2 Bannana DLC 0292

DOA5 Last Round x Senran Kagura!

I will be picking up a few of these costumes ^_^

Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate Gets Policeman Costumes

Dead Or Alive 5: Ultimate Bunnies

Bunny, bunny, bunny, bunny, bunny, bunny, bunny, bunny.

So should I buy all the DLC now and transfer it over to Dead Or Alive 5: Last Round or just wait until it actually comes out? lol

Check Out All The Outfits In The Newest Lightning Returns Trailer

Looking to be the best game out of the 3 in the series. =^_^=

Lovin the Miqo’te outfit from Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

Lightning Returns Miqote 2

Lightning Retruns Miqote

Tales Of Symphonia Chronicles Will Have Tales Of Vesperia Costumes

Namco Bandai revealed that costumes based off of Judith and Rita from Tales Of Vesperia will be in Tales Of Symphonia Chronicles. Who will wear these costumes is still yet unknown though. Tales Of Symphonia Chronicles is set to come out in Japan October 10th, while the game will be released in North America and Europe in 2014.


Tales Of Vesperia - Judith


Tales Of Vesperia - Rita

There Are Lots Of Costumes In Neptunia V

Check out all the cool costumes in the upcoming Hyperdimension Neptunia V.