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Azure Plays: Dark Souls 3 (The Ringed City DLC) Ep 1 (Halloween 2018 Stream)

It’s Halloween again. Time to play some Dark Souls ^_^

Elizabeth Bathory Sounds Off In Her Fate/Extella Gameplay Trailer

Tamamo (Caster) and Elizabeth (Lancer) are all that I need lol =^_^=

Dragon Sky Looks Really Beautiful

Square Enix’s new upcoming iOS and Android real-time strategy game. Even though it’s a smartphone game, I’m curious as to how it will play.

A Preview Of The Aerial Combat In Drakengard 3

Zero and Mikhail take to the skies to fight enemies. Here’s what it’ll be like. And yes, Mikhail is a female dragon lol.

Drakengard 3 Getting Localized Next Year In 2014!

Yes yes yes yes yes! It has been confirmed that Drakengard 3 will be localized in North America sometime next year in 2014!┬áThe game will be released for PS3 and will cost $49.99.┬áHere’s the latest trailer with English subtitles to celebrate =^_^=

7th Dragon 2020-II Idol’s Deadly Concert

This trailer highlights the Idol class in battle, and shows what they can do. Why wont this come outside of Japan, WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!?

Finally A Dragon’s Crown Teaser Trailer

Dragon Nest Offical Launch!

Dragon Nest officially goes live today as soon as they’re done with maintenance. With the launch comes a new city, new skills, new level cap, and furthers the story a little.

New skills trailer

About the update trailer