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Fall 2014 Anime List

And so it begins.


Omega Quintet Has A New Trailer!

Compile Heart released a new 6 minute trailer showing off more of the game. Omega Quintet will be out in Japan on Spetember 18th, on the PS4.

Onechanbara Z2: Chaos Announced For PS4

Now this is quite interesting. Onechanbara Z2: Chaos is pretty much an updated version of Onechanbara Z: Kagura for the PS4. No trailers have come out for the game yet, but they did mention some of the new features in the game. The game will run a 60FPS in full HD, Aya and Saki will now be playable along with Kagura and Saaya and all can be switched out during battle, new Quick Time Skills against bosses that will use the tochpad, and Cross Merge Combination that will allow characters to attack simultaneously. Hopefully there will be a trailer soon, but for now the game is scheduled to be released this October on the PS4.

Compile Heart’s Next Game Is Omega Quintet!

A  JRPG for the PS4!? Can it be!? Hell yeah it is lol

Our main heroines fight against monsters known as “Beep” using song. This is basically Compile Heart’s version of the Symphogear series. You know I love Symphogear so that is perfectly fine with me lol. The game is supposed to be released later this year on September 18th so I’m sure we’ll hear more info on the game soon. Perhaps a demo at E3 or something =)

Fairy Fencer F Will Be Localized This Fall!

Ah. And now all is right with the World lol. NIS America (NISA) announced recently at their event that they will be localizing Fairy Fencer F this Fall. I am very excited and have been waiting for this announcement. The games concept art was done by Yoshitaka Amano, the character design by Neptunia artist Tsunako, and music done by Nobou Uematsu. If you have a Japanese PS3 account, you can try out the demo. This game looks absolutely beautiful, and I cannot wait to have it in my hands this Fall =^_^=

Fairy Fencer F Wallpaper