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Anime Of The Week 6/15 – 6/17…….. Medaka Box Ep 11 & Mysterious Girlfriend Ep 11 (Nazo no Kanojo X Ep 11)

Episode 11 of Medaka Box concludes the fight between her and Unzen, and once again I must say that it isn’t a good idea to piss her off lol. Also we learn something about Shuranui towards the end of the episode which is interesting, but not surprising just because she’s Shuranui lol.

Nazo no Kanojo X gets the spotlight this week because Urabe and Hayakawa decide to have a contest to see which one Tsubaki truly loved and has feelings for. In the BEST kind of way may I add. Ill just let the pictures explain lol =P

The caption in these two pictures explain my thoughts exactly =P

You heard her, open your mouth lol O_O

And This concludes the Mysterious Girlfriend fan-service lol =P

Senran Kagura Burst: Crimson Girls Has A Nice Bouncy Trailer

Damn I really wish someone would localize this or at least give us a nice fanservicy anime or something lol. This is fan-service at its greatest.

For the love of boobs! lol =^_^=