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Azure “1K” Nova! =P


Today Is My Birthday! Here Have A Present =^_^=

Happy Birthday To Me Lol! Enjoy!

AzureNova’s Spring 2017 Anime Picks

Anime picks time!

Travis Strikes Again!

New No More Heroes game announced for the Switch to be released next year! Getting a Switch as soon as I can lol. Man this trailer is awesome!

Cyber Dimension Neptune NPC Goddesses Trailer

Hype level off the charts!!! I’ve definitely got to catch up on my Neps since this one is coming out next year. Our goddesses are extremely goddess like in this game lol. Add this to the list of most anticipated games for next year.

Accel World vs.. Sword Art Online Trailer

The hype is real!

Winter 2016 Anime Picks!

I’m liking this season. (more…)