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The hype is real.

– More main story
– Level cap increase from 70 to 80
– More actions for every class
– Viera race confirmed! (Best part of the expansion for me lol)

FFXIV Shadowbringers Logo

Onechanbara Origins Announced For PS4!

D3 Publisher announced Onechanbara Origins for PS4, and I couldn’t be happier. Onechanbara Origin is actually the first two entries in the series together in one package. So for those who haven’t gotten the chance to play the first two can now do it in HD. The art style for the game this time around is a little different, but it’s reminiscent of the series’s PS2 days. The game will release in Japan sometime in 2019, but no Worldwide release has been announced just yet. I do however have some pictures that you can check out below:

Azure “1K” Nova! =P


Today Is My Birthday! Here Have A Present =^_^=

Happy Birthday To Me Lol! Enjoy!

AzureNova’s Spring 2017 Anime Picks

Anime picks time!

Travis Strikes Again!

New No More Heroes game announced for the Switch to be released next year! Getting a Switch as soon as I can lol. Man this trailer is awesome!

Cyber Dimension Neptune NPC Goddesses Trailer

Hype level off the charts!!! I’ve definitely got to catch up on my Neps since this one is coming out next year. Our goddesses are extremely goddess like in this game lol. Add this to the list of most anticipated games for next year.

Accel World vs.. Sword Art Online Trailer

The hype is real!

Winter 2016 Anime Picks!

I’m liking this season. (more…)

Summer 2014 Anime Picks!

Skipped doing a proper one last season, but not this time lol. (more…)

See The Lights In IA’s IA/VT Colorful!

Oh my God I love this song and trailer! IA/VT colorful is extremely beautiful. IA has to be my favorite Vocaloid right now, and I can’t wait for her game to come out.

I’ma Happy Azure / I Beat Senran Kagura Burst!

I beat the Heijibo side of Senran Kagura Burst last night, and have 100% on both sides. I am a very happy Azure right now lol. I want to do a review on it soon, but schoolwork has been preventing me from having much free time at the moment. I will do it when I can though. Either way I’m going to savor the feeling of Burst being beaten for now. Once again I’m a happy Azure, and apparently Rin smells good lol =^_^=

20140313_013541 20140313_014321

Ar NoSurge Gameplay!

Best gameplay video ever lol. We may not have gotten Ciel no Surge, but by the looks of this one I hope and think it has a chance of getting localized. All the gameplay and cinematics look very fun and exciting. I’m a big fan of the Ar Tonelico series, and this game is no exception. The characters, environments, and music are all beautifully done. We’ll just have to wait and see what they decide to do with this one.

Winter 2014 Anime Picks!

Another season, another picks list. My Winter 2014 Anime Picks are here. The Winter 2014 Anime List can be found here if needed to refer to the synopsis of each anime: Winter 2014 Anime List

* I am watching other anime as well, but these are my main picks for the season * (more…)

A Dekamori Senran Kagura Trailer!

Who knew cooking could be so bouncy lol. Dekamori is a cooking-rhythm game in which you well, cook lol. Just like the other games though, they are stripped down if you fail at cooking. This is indeed very interesting, and looks like a lot of fun. Can’t say if this one will be localized or not, but hey we’ll just have to see what the future holds. Check out the opening movie below.

Fate/Extra Price Drop On PSN

Just wanted to let you all know that Fate/Extra as dropped in price on the PSN. Once $14.99 is now $9.99. I have the Limited Edition sitting on my shelf, but didn’t actually play it because it’s originally for the PSP. The downloaded version is playable on both the PSP and Vita. I picked it up yesterday because that price was a steal and now I can enjoy it to the fullest on my Vita. Caster here I come lol =^_^=

Fate Extra Caster CCC Mega Kawaiiii HD Render copy

It’s Beautiful!………….

My PS4 just arrived and yeah……… =^_^=

It's Beautiful 20131115_122600

Senran Kagura Burst To Be Released November 14th In North America!

That’s this Thursday! Our waiting has paid off. It will be released via Nintendo eShop and will cost $30. Here’s the latest trailer below =^_^=

Stripping Like A Boss In Akiba’s Trip 2

XD The laughter won’t stop! Check out some of the finishers in Akiba’s Trip 2. This game is God tier! lol

Senran Kagura Burst Is Finally Getting Localized! =^_^=

Senran Kagura

My excitement is bursting out the seams right now lol. The man said he would fill the world with boobs this year, and he did not lie =^_^=
Senran Kagura Burst will be released this Fall as a DOWNLOADABLE game in North America via the Nintendo eShop, and will feature the Japanese voices with English subtitles. Here’s the first English trailer for the game:

Also, here’s the Tweet made earlier this year stating just that lol:

Senran Kagura - Wrap The World In Boobs This Year - Senran Kagura 2013 Tweet

Drakengard 3’s First Trailer Is Very Much Epic!

So looking forward to playing Drakengard 3. I hope they announce a localization soon. The first two games made it, so I’m pretty sure this one will make it too =^_^=

Final Fantasy XV HD Trailers / Gameplay (PS4 & Xbox One)

*Simply Beautiful. This is a day one for me =^_^=

Final Fantasy XV Official Trailer HD:

Gameplay Trailer 1:

Gameplay Trailer 2:

Anime Boston Pictures!

Anime Boston was a lot of fun. This was the first time I’ve been back in two years, and it was great. Lets see if you can spot AzureNova in all of the pics lol =P

  • Her cosplay was awesome, and she was hot so I had to get some pictures

20130524_133214 20130524_133313

  • Best Ms. Fortune Ever! =^_^=


  • I was AzureKyubey for a day, and was down with all the magical girls XD. As well as some others lol.

20130525_152926 20130525_153728 20130525_155125 20130525_185053 20130525_185058 20130525_144446 20130525_154117

  • Things wouldn’t be the same without some Final Fantasy in the mix. Awww yeah =P

20130526_153340 20130526_153327 20130525_172414 20130525_172333 20130524_182940 20130524_143925

  • Morgiana and Noel as well =)

20130524_191334 20130525_190259

  • Some Attack On Titan & Sword Art Online fighting going on lol

20130526_152859 20130526_153218 20130526_152804 20130526_152754

  • Shura from Blue Exorcist!


  • This guy was hilarious! As he was posing he was literally saying in a deep man voice “I’m Buttercup” XD

20130525_165031 20130525_165022

  • I have to start getting ready for work so here are all the rest of the pictures. Hope you enjoyed them. I know I did lol ^_^

20130525_174501 20130525_174453 20130525_170240 20130524_183854 20130524_182525 20130525_173029 20130525_171452

Black Rock Shooter: The Game Background And Header Change

Yeah, I decided to change the site a bit again because I’m currently playing Black Rock Shooter: The Game on my Vita and loving every moment of it. The game is honestly freakin cool. Definitely going to do a review after I finish playing it =^_^=