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Code Vein Network Test! Character Creation {Part 1 & 2}

I got into the Code Vein Network Test! The character creation is broken up into two parts because the recording time on the PS4 is limited to 1 hour. (Yes I spend hours on character creation lol). A big thank you to Bandai Namco and the Code Vein Team for inviting me and hosting the network test. Here’s to hoping you all enjoy my creative process of my Revenant. The Test runs from May 30th to June 3rd.

Dear Lord It’s Going To Take Me Forever To Create My Character In Code Vein

Code Vein early-stage-1

Yesterday, May 8th, a whole lot of new videos featuring gameplay and character creation were released on Code Vein. It has been months since we’ve heard anything on the games’ development process, but they did not disappoint as these new video releases show they have been quite busy fine tuning the game. No release date yet, but after seeing these videos, I can wait a little longer.

This first video shows off the absolutely beautiful character creation that you can do in the game which runs for a good twenty minutes (Yes I watched the whole thing), and the things you can do with it are outstanding. It is going to take me quite some time to get past the character creation process before starting the actual game. I hope all Namco Bandai games continue to use Unreal Engine 4 in the future.

These other videos are of gameplay and some are rather lengthy so watch them when you have the time. I’m sure there are other new Code Vein videos floating around the net, but I didn’t want to spoil too much for myself as it still is my most anticipated game of 2019.

EIRA: The Void Witch

They changed her name from Miul to Eira, but either way my excitement knows no bounds. Eira comes to Vindictus on April 30th! I can’t wait!

Complete Devil May Cry 5 Playthrough (PC) {Devil Hunter Mode}

So I played and loved DMC V. Check it out =)

Alpha Yuri {Closers Online Alpha}

I got into the Closers Alpha this past weekend and it was so much fun! I had such a great time with the Alpha that I wanted to make sure to share it with you all.

The game is fast paced beat em up awesome with many characters to choose from all with different and unique fighting styles. I can’t wait for the game to fully launch this Fall.

Senran Kagura Peach Beach Splash No Shirt, No Shoes, All Service Edition Now Available On Amazon!!!

If the link becomes unavailable in the future I apologize, but know that it is up on sale now and I have already pre-ordered mine so I know it works:

—> Senran Kagura Peach Beach Splash No Shirt, No Shoes, All Service Edition <—

Senran Kagura Estival Versus Releasing March 15th In North America & March 18th In Europe!

My body is ready, and yes I already have my Endless Summer Edition pre-ordered. March 15th for North America, and March 18th for Europe. Marvelous is truly marvelous lol

Senran Kagura Estival Verusus Endless Summer Edition North AmericaSenran Kagura Estival Versus Group LeadersSenran Kagura Estival Versus Logo

Best Ending Ever – Valkyrie Boob….. Er I Mean “Valkyrie Drive”

Valkyrie Drive was a fun ride. Mirei and Momoka’s 100% Valkrie Drive looked awesome, and we got to see the main characters from the Vita game which was an nice surprise as well. Also, boobs. It wouldn’t be Valkyrie Drive without T&A. Valkyrie Drive had something for everyone lol.

vlcsnap-2016-01-09-12h38m49s834 vlcsnap-2016-01-08-04h12m10s257 vlcsnap-2016-01-09-12h45m55s062 vlcsnap-2016-01-09-12h38m06s617

Omega Labyrinth PV 2

I’m laughing my ass off at how awesome this trailer was. Please let this get localized somehow. Omega Labyrinth just looks so fun and entertaining lol.

Anime Boston Pictures!

Anime Boston was a lot of fun. This was the first time I’ve been back in two years, and it was great. Lets see if you can spot AzureNova in all of the pics lol =P

  • Her cosplay was awesome, and she was hot so I had to get some pictures

20130524_133214 20130524_133313

  • Best Ms. Fortune Ever! =^_^=


  • I was AzureKyubey for a day, and was down with all the magical girls XD. As well as some others lol.

20130525_152926 20130525_153728 20130525_155125 20130525_185053 20130525_185058 20130525_144446 20130525_154117

  • Things wouldn’t be the same without some Final Fantasy in the mix. Awww yeah =P

20130526_153340 20130526_153327 20130525_172414 20130525_172333 20130524_182940 20130524_143925

  • Morgiana and Noel as well =)

20130524_191334 20130525_190259

  • Some Attack On Titan & Sword Art Online fighting going on lol

20130526_152859 20130526_153218 20130526_152804 20130526_152754

  • Shura from Blue Exorcist!


  • This guy was hilarious! As he was posing he was literally saying in a deep man voice “I’m Buttercup” XD

20130525_165031 20130525_165022

  • I have to start getting ready for work so here are all the rest of the pictures. Hope you enjoyed them. I know I did lol ^_^

20130525_174501 20130525_174453 20130525_170240 20130524_183854 20130524_182525 20130525_173029 20130525_171452

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers: Story Trailer

God I can’t wait for this to come out. Looks like it’s going to be so much fun. Also, Laura Bailey’s voice is heavenly as usual =^_^=

E.X. Troopers Demo Out Now!

*Note: I used my Japanese PSN account to download the demo*

I had so much fun just playing the demo for E.X. Troopers. From the moment I started playing everything was awesome. The visuals are beautiful, character personalities are great, controls are easy to get down, and combat is extremely fun.

It was released on November 22nd in Japan on the 3DS and the PS3. There has been no word of it getting localized but I hope it does really well so that it does.

As a bonus Capcom even released an animated trailer for the game which you can watch above. Here’s to hoping it gets a localization announcement soon =^_^=

Code Of Princess Overview

When I first laid eyes on Code Of Princess I knew that it looked fun and wanted to get it. So I did, and it hasn’t let me down. This game is really fun. =)

Code Of Princess is a beat em up game. For the main story you can choose 1 of 4 main characters which each have their own moves and skills. The controls are simplistic and player friendly. As you go through each level you gain EXP points which you can use to modify the stats of your characters at the end when you level up. Levels are re-playable in Free Mode so you don’t have to worry about never getting enough EXP.

Each Code Of Princess is a collectors edition that comes with a soundtrack and an art book for the game. I haven’t beaten it yet, but I’ve been playing it quite a lot and having a good time. Code of Princess has it all as far as my tastes go: a nice genre of characters, beautiful environments, a good but random story, and funny dialogue. I say give it a try when you can. Your 3DS and Princess Solange will love you for playing it =^_^=

I Invite You All! (My PSN)

After writing my Persona 4: Arena Overview I realized that I really like the game and also have never given you all my PSN ID. I might not get to it right away, but if you send me a message on PSN I will get to it soon (My friends list might be full as well lol) For those who also have Persona 4: Arena, or just would like to add or to chat when I’m on, I invite you all to challenge and have fun with me.

My PSN is: AzureNova01al

My favorite character is Shadow Labrys =^_^=

Win or lose, come at me bros!

E.X. Troopers Opening Trailer

Now this was a fun trailer! I’m hoping this gets localized soon too. Also, dat robot bro fist XD

R.I.P. (Hentai Site Update!)

So yeah, I’m sorry to announce that the EpiclyAmazingHentai will not be coming back. They refuse to give it back because they said it “promotes illegal downloads of media” even though I had it running for about a year lol. I was just like blah, this sucks.

I miss my hentai site already because it was fun to post on, but this also means that I will have more time just to work on EpiclyAmazing as well so its not all bad lol. This doesn’t mean they’ve won though! I may start another site using a different backer other than WordPress, but for now I guess I will take a break on hentai until that happens.

Posts will resume normally so don’t worry about that, and I may actually get to those video game reviews now =P.

It was fun, but for now rest in peace hentai site, rest in peace.

Sorry, but pic was too funny not to use lol