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Cry Star

Cry Star is about a girl who must revive her dead sister that she killed. I am excite. Also the animation scenes are done by studio Shaft.

Caligula Overdose Gets Two Limited Edition PS4s In Japan

Yet again Japan gets more beautiful editions of the consoles. The first one is to my extreme liking. They also come with a special theme for the PS4.
You can find all the details here: —> Caligula Limited Editions <—

Limited Edition 1

Limited Edition 2

Caligula, FuRyu’s New RPG For The Vita

Caligula is FuRyu’s new recently announced RPG for the Vita, about it’s characters being stuck in a virtual world. Persona 1 & 2’s scenario writer helped with this as well. I hope this makes it out of Japan in the future because I’m loving it’s style. Take a look at the trailer and see for yourself: