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Check Out Some Valkyria: Azure Revolution Gameplay

I can’t wait to play it.

Temple Runners (W/ RayukaGaming) (Part 2)

Temple running is dangerous business.

Time To Final Fantasy XIV (PC Recording Test)!

And now for something special.

So something awesome happened. NVIDIA updated their software and now I’m able to record gameplay on my PC. I made this video to test out how awesome this is and it works wonderfully. Now I can make PC game videos too!

Shed Light On The Battlefield With Jeanne d’Arc In Her Fate/Extella Gameplay Trailer

Holy light of destruction.

Rider Rides Into Battle In Her Fate/Extella Gameplay Trailer

Again. The hype is real.

Dark Souls III Ashes Of Ariandel Gameplay Video

Hype isn’t even the word. I’ll be doing a blind live-stream play-through of the expansion when it comes out next month.

Nioh Yuki Onna (Snow Woman) Boss Gameplay (TGS 2016)

The game looks pretty beautiful graphically; I’ll give it that. I mean just look at the Snow Woman boss. However, I’m still concerned about the how fluent the gameplay is going to be in the finished product. Hoping they release one more beta or an update to the current one before the game releases.

Nioh (TGS 2016) Trailer

I don’t remember the gameplay being this fluent in the Alpha and Beta. I wonder if they re-worked it a bit.

Elizabeth Bathory Sounds Off In Her Fate/Extella Gameplay Trailer

Tamamo (Caster) and Elizabeth (Lancer) are all that I need lol =^_^=

Check Out Some Awesome Gameplay From Tamamo, Nero Claudius, and Atilla In Fate/Extella

They all are amazing, but of course you know Tamamo is my favorite <3. Dear Lord all their play styles and specials are awesome! Can’t wait to see some more of the characters soon.



Nero Claudius



The King Of Fighters XIV Team Officlial Invitation Trailer

So badass!

The King Of Fighters XIV Team Another World Trailer

This team looks fun.

Akiba’s Beat 2nd PV Trailer

I am excite.

Vampires Really CAN Fly

The rumors you heard are true.

Character: Delia

Speared (Playing As Delia In Vindictus)

Man I love Vindictus.

Delia is the newest character added in the game (Who is now my new main), and I’m in the process of leveling her up.


My hype meter broke! One Gravity Rush 2 comes out this holiday season, you won’t be hearing from AzureNova for a while lol

Also if you pre-order from select retailers in North America you can get Kat’s alternate White Outfit which I will be wearing throughout the whole game ^_^.

November 30th for Europe, December 1st for Japan, and December 2nd for North America. I can’t wait for Gravity Rush The Animation ~Overture~ to come out as well.

Gravity Rush Kat White Outfit 28044872340_05baf55bf7_o Gravity Rush Kat White Outfit 27710708743_5543577b1d_o

NieR Automata E3 2106 Epic Boss Battle

I’m speechless. The combat and music were so epic! This is definitely going to be be one of my favorite games when it releases.

9 Minutes Of Shanatae

I might get this.

Horizion Zero Dawn E3 2016 Gameplay Trailer

Looks so good.

Days Gone E3 2016 Trailer

That’s a lot of feakin zombies.



Gears Of War 4 E3 2016 Gameplay Trailer

For Honor E3 2016 Story Trailer And Gameplay Trailer




Scalebound E3 2016 Trailer / Gameplay

Sadly Scalebound didn’t do much for me, but here’s some gameplay.

Akiba’s Beat Announced For Playstation 4 And Vita

I kinda liked what I saw, but I’m not really feeling the character design for this one. Mixed feelings all around lol. Will have to see some more. Perhaps some character highlights or combat features or something.