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2016 is gone and we are now in 2017! With that said I have some resolutions for you all.

Music will be plentiful in 2017 from AzureNova like I had originally planned. Last year some things happened, and I mostly saved my music for projects. That won’t be the case this year though. There will still be some projects this year, but less saving music for projects and more single releases.

Many people ask me this, but I don’t really have a specific genre for my music. If I had to choose one I would say it’s Abstract. I like to try to mix all kinds of sounds and bring them into my own style. I’ve been working on a lot of originals lately, but this year I will be getting my remix/sample game on hard of anime, and video game music like when I first started uploading.

Last but not least (If you felt like reading this far lol) thank you all for listening and I hope you enjoy this journey with AzureNova into 2017 and many more years to come.

Hatsune Miku Project Diva f Trailer!

Project Diva f is being released on August 30th in Japan and they have released a nice long trailer showing off some of the recently announced songs in the game. I am definitely importing this. Project Diva f is going to be a godly game. I can’t wait to get my white Vita so I can play it! =^_^=

E3 2012 White Playstation Vita Bundles!

* Favorite because of the Crystal White Vitas and Project Diva f, not Assassin’s Creed Liberation =P

At E3 they announced that the Crystal White Vita will indeed be coming out in North America this year on October 30th in a bundle with the game Assassin’s Creed Liberation. The Vita in the bundle is the WiFi Vita for those who were wondering. I have been waiting for the white Vita since the system launched and this is the Vita I will be getting. I’m still surprised at how fast they announced this too since the system just launched this year as well lol.

The Japanese white Vita bundle is bundle comes with Hatsune Miku Project Diva f. This Vita is a special Miku themed Vita instead of just being plain white. If you like this one then go ahead and import it because the Vita IS region free which means that you can play English games on a Japanese Vita as well.

White Playstation Vita & Hatsune Miku Vita Coming In August!

Freaking finally! Now I will get a Vita once it gets localized. =^_^= The Miku Vita probably wont come to the U.S., but that’s okay, I’ll just have to get a nice looking anime skin for it.

Crystal White Vita:

Hatsune Miku Vita compared to Crystal White Vita:

Yay! Not Sick Anymore!

Yay, I’m not sick anymore, but exhausted because I’ve been out all day. Posts will resume tomorrow whenever I wake up. Zzzzzzzzzzz……….