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Akiba’s Beat Riyu Momose Trailer

Her run lol. But so cute.

Rin The Akihabara Idol In Akiba’s Strip 2

Rin is a popular Idol in Akiba’s Strip 2 that also helps you fight off vampires. Take a look at her trailer =)

SoniPro 3DS Announced At Wonder Festival 2013!

SoniPro 3DS was announced at Wonder Festival 2013 this year, and Imageepoch has a trailer to show off as well. Hmm, is that U.S. flag swimsuit a hint at a possible localization. I hope so. Please get localized, I…er I mean my 3DS wants Sonico =^_^=

7th Dragon 2020-II Idol’s Deadly Concert

This trailer highlights the Idol class in battle, and shows what they can do. Why wont this come outside of Japan, WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!?