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Death end re;Quest!

Compile Heart let loose a new trailer for a new IP and it looks absolutely awesome. It seems they’ve taken their staple battle system and tweaked it a bit as well as some upgraded graphics, and came up with this. The music sounds very nice as well. Dead End re;Quest also looks to have a more serious undertone which fits nicely too. From the looks of it the game is set to release in March 2018. I’m sure more information will come out about the game as time goes on, but for now enjoy the debut trailer below.

Check Out Some Valkyria: Azure Revolution Gameplay

I can’t wait to play it.

Onigiri Closed Beta

Anime inspired Onigiri is in English Closed Beta until the 12th of June. The MMO is out for both PC and Playstation 4 in Japan while only coming out on PC so far in North America. I have the game in Japanese on my PS4, but also played the English version as I can actually understand it now and enjoy it more lol. Onigiri is nothing too special gameplay wise, but I do like the characters and overall setting of the game. The story seems pretty okay too. The series also has a web comic which can be found through it’s official site. Onigiri may not be the best MMO out there right now, but it feels fun to play every once and a while. Check out the official site here where you can download the game and try it out for yourself:

Onigiri Characters