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Akiba’s Beat Riyu Momose Trailer

Her run lol. But so cute.

Nobleria Arrives With A Bang In Kritika

Noblia is amazing. I Had more fun watching this trailer than I should have lol. Here’s to hoping the PC version of Kritika comes west soon.

Anime Of The Week 5/25 – 5/27…….. Accel World Ep 8, Sankarea Ep 8, Upotte!! Ep 8 & Dusk Maiden Of Amnesia Ep 8

Since I put this one out a little late I’m going to explain these anime of the week mostly with pictures. These received anime of the week because all the anime episodes this past week were pretty much all of the same caliber, but these four entertained me the most lol. Slight spoilers ahead if you haven’t watched some of them yet (more…)

Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk-2

Since this just came out August 18th in Japan, it’s only a matter of time before it gets localized to our PS3s as well. Loli goddesses for the win!

This first trailer shows what might be one of the scariest weapons, and best summons ever

NISA shows off her skills here. Poor Prinny.

More Corpse Party

If you thought the 1st trailer was bad, here’s another. This is a day 1 download 4 me. Can’t wait to enter that school full of murdered lolis ^_^