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2016 is gone and we are now in 2017! With that said I have some resolutions for you all.

Music will be plentiful in 2017 from AzureNova like I had originally planned. Last year some things happened, and I mostly saved my music for projects. That won’t be the case this year though. There will still be some projects this year, but less saving music for projects and more single releases.

Many people ask me this, but I don’t really have a specific genre for my music. If I had to choose one I would say it’s Abstract. I like to try to mix all kinds of sounds and bring them into my own style. I’ve been working on a lot of originals lately, but this year I will be getting my remix/sample game on hard of anime, and video game music like when I first started uploading.

Last but not least (If you felt like reading this far lol) thank you all for listening and I hope you enjoy this journey with AzureNova into 2017 and many more years to come.

A Plan For The New Year / Upcoming Posts

New year, new beginnings. I know my posts have been somewhat slow, but I plan to change all that soon. I really want to get back to my site, and making it a place where people can enjoy posts having to do with anime, video games, music, etc….. With that said I’ll be getting back to doing video game reviews, posting music, and yes my Winter 2014 Anime Picks will be out soon. I believe I’ve finished watching all of the new anime that has come out this season last night so now I can get started on my picks. As for video game reviews I haven’t been able to do any simply because I really wasn’t playing any console games for a while. Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn as well as some other MMO’s had taken up most of my gaming time. Why not do reviews on those games? Well because there are many sites who do reviews on MMOs, there aren’t man sites does reviews on certain games that aren’t company based, I guess I can say lol. I’m just a normal gamer like all of you sitting in my room playing these games so I can say and feel certain ways about games that others can’t sometimes lol.

I’d also like to announce that I’ll be headed back to school this year too. Yay me lol. While going to school and work take up some time as well, most of it was due to the MMO playing =P. So even though there many be some dry days, I’m definitely going to keep up posting still. I’ll be getting back to console gaming this year too as there are many games I still have to beat and want to review as well. I will be doing reviews on some MMOs too in case you were wondering lol.

Alright then. That pretty much sums up my thoughts and feelings for this year at the moment so I hope you all continue to visit here and lets have a wonderful new year =)

Holiday Break / Upcoming Posts

I took a bit off for the holidays, but just wanted to let you all know that posts will resume soon. Here is a gist of some major posts and when as we progress into the new year:

  • Anime Of The WeekSometime tomorrow (29th)
  • Fall 2012 Anime Season Wrap UpNext week when I beleive most of the Fall series have finished (Subject to change)
  • Special New Years Post – New Years Day, look forward too it (The 1st)
  • Gravity Rush ReviewYes I finally beat it today lol
  • Winter 2013 Anime PicksAfter at least 2 episodes of each anime are out, and I’ve watched them lol

Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season. =^_^=