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EIRA: The Void Witch

They changed her name from Miul to Eira, but either way my excitement knows no bounds. Eira comes to Vindictus on April 30th! I can’t wait!

Vampires Really CAN Fly

The rumors you heard are true.

Character: Delia

Speared (Playing As Delia In Vindictus)

Man I love Vindictus.

Delia is the newest character added in the game (Who is now my new main), and I’m in the process of leveling her up.

Ghost In The Shell Online Gameplay Trailer

Laughing Lancea

So after years of not playing Dragon Nest I was compelled to go back and try out Lancea. I think you’ll see why lol.

I’ve been playing with her for the past few days actually, and having a good time.

* Yes she’s out in North America as well if you play the game published by Nexon as I do *

Ghost In The Shell Online

Yup, it’s a shooter. But not just any shooter. A Ghost In The Shell MMO shooter. Now that doesn’t mean that it’s going to be epic or anything, but I hope Nexon NA decides to localize it because I want to give it a try. I love the Laughing Man reference by the way. Too funny lol.

NEXON’s G-Star 2014 Trailer

Closers and Peria Chronicles for me. Ghost In The Shell looks okay too. The other games look alright lol

G*Star 2012 Project NT Debut Trailer

Looks pretty good so far. It reminds me of the upcoming Ni no Kuni: Wrath Of The White Witch game for the PS3. I hope there are more gameplay videos soon. Nexon better not mess this one up lol.

Some pictures and screenshots as well: (more…)

Dragon Nest Offical Launch!

Dragon Nest officially goes live today as soon as they’re done with maintenance. With the launch comes a new city, new skills, new level cap, and furthers the story a little.

New skills trailer

About the update trailer

MMO Fever

Yeah, I know its been a while since I’ve posted so I’m gonna get right into the topic. Despite being a little busy, video games have contributed to my non posting as well. So here are some of the PC MMORPGs that have been keeping me busy.

Also, the two MMORPGs I’m looking forward to are:

  • Blade & Soul (1st Place)
  • Tera Online

For those of you who are curious I will post the links to the games soon. Those who play any of these games feel free to ask for my character names and add me if you wish.