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Play As Metallia In The Witch and the Hundred Knight: Revival Edition

NIppon Ichi’s Firefly’s Dairy

This game also goes by the name htoL#NiQ (Seriously). Firefly’s Diary is Nippon Ichi’s shot at an Indie Game, and I think they are spot on. I really want to play this sooo bad. If you loved Limbo then I think this one is a must play as well.

Zillions Of Enemy X

This needs to be localized internationally,¬†because¬†I want to play it lol. Zillions Of Enemy X is a game on the PS3 created by Nippon Ichi which takes place after invaders, called the ZX, have ravaged Earth. The only way to fight against the ZX is to use a card device which summons other ZXes to fight against them. Here’s a trailer below:

The Witch and the Hundred Calvarymen

Nippon Ichi is working on a new Dark Fantasy Action RPG called The With and the Hundred Calvrymen. Not much has been said about the game yet except that it will be released next year in 2012. Also the games main character Metallica can be seen below besides a date which is for the game’s site to go live. Teaser site here